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The 27th century was defined in the calendar of Earth as being from 2601 until 2700.




The earliest date the microbrains of Velara III would consider for re-opening communications with the Federation. (TNG: "Home Soil")
2666 (circa)
In the middle of this century the scientist Kal Dano creates the Tox Uthat, a powerful device that can halt all nuclear fusion in a star. Fearing someone may steal it, he transports it to Risa in the 22nd century. Later, two Vorgon criminals, Ajur and Boratus, travel to the 24th century to find the Tox Uthat, where it is destroyed by Captain Picard. (TNG: "Captain's Holiday")
The Hundred Changelings were expected to return to the Great Link around this year. (DS9: "The Search, Part II")
At Captain Janeway's command, enough energy was supplied to the Nakan memorial to allow it to continue functioning until this year. (VOY: "Memorial")

Going by Data's statement that the energy ribbon from Star Trek Generations passes through the Milky Way Galaxy every 39.1 years, it can be expected to return in 2605, 2644, and 2683.

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