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The 29th century was defined in the calendar of Earth as being from 2801 until 2900.

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Aeon front

The time ship Aeon

USS Relativity

The timeship USS Relativity

  • Circa 2875: The time ship Relativity, under the command of Captain Braxton, uses its temporal sensors to scan the USS Voyager in 2375 and finds a temporal explosion during that period. The crew recruits Seven of Nine three times to find out how, where, and by whom the explosive device was planted. When Braxton himself is revealed to be the saboteur, Captain Kathryn Janeway is sent back in time to apprehend him just as he arrives on board. Seven and Janeway are returned to their time frame and the three Braxtons, one from the ship, one from when he was planting the device, and the one from when he arrived to activate the device, are reintegrated and later stand trial. (VOY: "Relativity")
Going by Data's statement that the energy ribbon from Star Trek Generations passes through the Milky Way Galaxy every 39.1 years, it can be expected to return in 2800, 2839, and 2878.

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