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The 32nd century was defined in the calendar of Earth as being from 3101 until 3200.

According to the red angel suit, Burnham arrives on Hima in 3188, which is the absolute year used to estimate others for the season.


All time travel technology has been outlawed and destroyed by this century because of the Temporal Wars. (DIS: "That Hope Is You, Part 1")
Standard viewscreen technology, such as those used by Starfleet, are no longer in wide use by this time. (DIS: "People of Earth")
The Federation visits Deep Space 253 for the final time. (DIS: "There Is A Tide...")
A retrofitted dorsal carrier, design XRT-55D, is commissioned. (ENT: "Future Tense")
This date appeared in the database of temporal agent Daniels. Seeing as he came from the 31st century, this information would be from his own future.
Aditya Sahil begins his forty-plus-year guardianship of a Federation relay station. (DIS: "That Hope Is You, Part 1")
Felix murders the father of Patri Doxica. (DIS: "The Examples")
Adira Tal is born. (DIS: "People of Earth")
Kyheem begins working for the Emerald Chain. (DIS: "The Sanctuary")
Senna Tal sends out a message for all those who still believe in the Federation and Starfleet to meet him on Earth. (DIS: "People of Earth")
Doctor Gabrielle Burnham, mother of Michael Burnham, is transported 950 years into the future from 2236 by the Project Daedalus suit, after escaping from the Klingon attack on Doctari Alpha; here, she finds the galaxy lifeless. After this, she finds she is repeatedly pulled back to this era, which acts as an anchor point for her. After being sent back to this time by her daughter immediately before a temporal incursion, she is found by the inhabitants of Essof IV and is transported to Ni'Var where she joins the Qowat Milat. (DIS: "Perpetual Infinity", "Unification III")
Admiral Senna Tal dies of unknown causes. (DIS: "People of Earth")
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Going by Data's statement that the energy ribbon from Star Trek Generations passes through the Milky Way Galaxy every 39.1 years, it can be expected to return in 3112, 3151, and 3190.

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