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15 September 2019
After having been nominated six times for one, Star Trek: Discovery managed to secure its first Emmy Award win; the award was won for the second season episode "If Memory Serves" in the category Star Trek has traditionally performed strongly in, that of "Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup". [1]
13 August 2019
Viacom and CBS have announced their merger into a new entity called ViacomCBS, expected to be completed by the end of the year. [2]
11 August 2019
Barbara March, who played Lursa, has died at the age of 65. [3]
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Hawk (Lieutenant)

Hawk, 2373

Lieutenant Hawk

Hawk was a Human male who served as conn officer on the USS Enterprise-E in 2373. In that capacity, he served on the bridge of the ship during the Battle of Sector 001.

Although the invading Borg cube was eventually destroyed by a fleet of Starfleet vessels, one Borg sphere managed to escape on a direct heading towards Earth. Hawk piloted the Enterprise in pursuit of the sphere which subsequently created a temporal vortex through the controlled emission of chronometric particles. On the instruction of his captain, Hawk piloted the ship into the vortex where it emerged in the year 2063.

The Borg's plan was quickly realized - to go back in time and assimilate humanity when it was vulnerable. The Enterprise was able to destroy the Borg sphere but not before a group of drones was able to beam aboard the ship and begin efforts to construct an interplexing beacon with which to contact the Borg of that era.

Together with Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Lieutenant Commander Worf, Hawk went out onto the ship's hull to stop the Borg from modifying the Enterprise's deflector into a beacon. During the fight, Hawk was pulled over the side of the ship and assimilated. Now a drone, he set about trying to stop his former colleagues but was ultimately killed by Worf.
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