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Ann Carol "A.C." Crispin (5 April 19506 September 2013; age 63) was the author of several Star Trek novels and short stories. She was also the author of many other science fiction and fantasy works, including a series of novels set in the Star Wars universe, and her own creation, the Starbridge series of books. She was named "Grandmaster" in the seventh annual Scribe Awards (2013) for her body of media tie-in work. [1]

Crispin commented: "I liked Next Generation, and I enjoyed Deep Space Nine, but I wasn't crazy about Voyager, and I actively disliked Enterprise because of the way the Vulcans were portrayed – scheming, lying, emotional... well, those weren't the Vulcans I'd come to know and love!" [2]

Crispin was interviewed by Michael McAvennie for the article "Eye Views", published in The Official Star Trek: The Next Generation Magazine issue 13, p. 52.

Born in Stamford, Crispin majored in English literature at the University of Maryland, and graduated in 1972. She was an active member of SFWA, becoming vice president of the organization.

Crispin died in Waldorf, Maryland on September 6, 2013 after an extended battle with cancer. [3] She was married to Michael Capobianco and had a son.


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