A briefing with neelix

Neelix introduces A Briefing with Neelix

A Briefing with Neelix was the title of a daily news program on board the USS Voyager that was hosted by Neelix in 2372. He felt as part of his duties as morale officer, he would make a program presenting the most uplifting and optimistic views on everything that happened on Voyager "to make his viewers feel good".

The initial concept for the program featured news of general interest, interviews with the crew, musical performances, recommendations for new holodeck programs and previews of upcoming meals. Additional features were to include updates on the ship's progress from Captain Janeway and crew commendations from Commander Chakotay.

In its pilot broadcast, Neelix's first featured guest was a juggling appearance by Pablo Baytart. In his appearance, Baytart juggled a collection of PADDs, hyposprays and phasers.

Neelix later proposed a segment for The Doctor called "Hints for Healthful Living", but his subsequent investigation into a potential traitor on board prompted him to continuously push it back, day after day, much to The Doctor's dismay.

During the production of this program Neelix learned that Tom Paris had asked to be put off the ship. He later reported his discovery that Paris had been sending messages over the ship's power grid to the Kazon-Nistrim. He soon discovered that this was part of an elaborate plan to discover the identity of the Voyager crewmember that had been providing information to the Kazon-Nistrim, later revealed to be Michael Jonas. (VOY: "Investigations")

By 2373, the name of the program was changed to Good Morning, Voyager. When the crew of Voyager was incapacitated by a macroviral infection, Samantha Wildman, one of the show's most loyal viewers, had left the most recent edition of the show running in her quarters, where it was discovered by Neelix and Captain Janeway. In that particular episode, Neelix had a special segment that featured Ensign Kaplan. (VOY: "Macrocosm")

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