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Three computerized villains return to cause problems for the Cerritos crew.



In the Kalla system, amidst the wreckage of Jackabog's ship, Drookmani scavengers are sorting through salvage of the ship, and come upon the old cybernetic implant of Sam Rutherford. Excited to find Federation technology, the captain claims the implant as salvage, and when he holds it in his hand, the implant activates, showing the rogue AI, Badgey. Badgey warmly greets the captain, before tempting the captain with Starfleet secrets. While one scavenger is worried that the implant could be dangerous, Badgey states that he's programed to love all life. As Starfleet codes could earn him a large profit, the Drookmani captain raises the implant to his face, per Badgey's instructions, but when it gets close enough, Badgey has the implant violently attach to the captain's face, and he's unable to detach it.

Act One[]

In Bynar space, Bynar officers are going about their work on their ship, when an alert grabs their attention. On the bridge, Nova One closes in on their ship, and before they can do anything to react, the ship fires a single beam at the ship, completely destroying the Bynar vessel. Having witnessed the attack, Badgey and his captive Drookmani crew decide to use this in a scheme.

In the hangar of the USS Cerritos, Rutherford is experimenting with a new grappler attachment to the shuttlecraft, having Lieutenant jg Brad Boimler hold up an apple. Hoping to have the grappler grab the apple, it instead veers off course and grabs D'Vana Tendi. Rushing to make sure she's okay, Tendi is revealed to be fine, as the grappler only hit her uniform. Kicking himself that he could have seriously hurt her, Tendi reassures Rutherford that she likes his devotion to science and engineering, even when it doesn't work out as he wants it to. Unable to free Tendi's uniform from the grip of the grappler, Beckett Mariner leads them out to replicate Tendi a new uniform before their upcoming briefing.

In the ready room, Captain Carol Freeman briefs them about a partial distress signal intercepted by Starfleet Command from a Bynar ship. Believing the incident to be related to the string of mysterious attacks, the Cerritos has been requested to investigate the call, being the closest ship available to the area. Freeman also says however, that Tendi will not be joining them, as Freeman requests her to go to the Daystrom Institute to attend a parole hearing for the exocomp, Peanut Hamper. As her former liason, Tendi is optimistic that Peanut Hamper is getting another chance to reform. Commander Jack Ransom also tells Boimler that he'll be going to the Daystrom Institute, as he's been requested by name by the computer, AGIMUS, who claims to have vital intel on the recent Bynar attack, and will only speak to him. While they suspect ulterior motives, low on leads, Starfleet is willing to hear him out. As the briefing concludes, Mariner playfully wishes them luck.

At the Daystrom Institute, both AGIMUS and Peanut Hamper are tending to tomatoes in a garden, and they confide in one another that they both helped each other out immensely while imprisoned. AGIMUS, admits that he's enjoyed plotting with Peanut Hamper, and is excited for their upcoming escape plan to be put in motion. After Peanut Hamper's parole hearing, AGIMUS plans to trick Boimler into helping him escape, for the two to then rendezvous in Montañita.

The Cerritos arrives in Bynar space, where a nearby nebula is interfering with their scans for the Bynar vessel. At that moment, a proximity alarm goes off, and the Drookmani vessel comes out of the nebula. Receiving a hail, the Drookmani captain tries to beg for assistance, only to be incapacitated by Badgey. Shocked by Badgey's appearance, Badgey greets Rutherford, "Hi father, prepare to die!"

He starts attacking the ship, the Cerritos tries to escape, but Badgey predicts their every move, due to him having access to Starfleet knowledge. Rutherford offers to go to him, but Freeman tells him he's too valuable. Rutherford runs to the airlock to turn himself over. He puts an EV suit on and jumps out, but Mariner, who put on an EV suit on, grabs him by the ankle and both get transported onto the ship. Mariner asks rutherford what the plan was, but Rutherford told her that there wasn't any, and that he awas just letting them kill him. Badgey confronts Rutherford but Rutherford cuts him off by hugging him.

Act Two[]

Back on the Drookmani ship, Badgey is completely taken aback by Rutherford's actions. Rutherford admits that Badgey was right to be mad when he should have treated him more like a son than a science project. The sentiment moves Badgey greatly, and begins to feel compassion. Rutherford invites Badgey to talk everything put with him on the Cerritos, which Badgey agrees to do, before he suddenly starts glitching in place. Badgey begins to yearn for revenge, while simultaneously forgiving him. In that moment, Badgey splits in two, with the other side being a gray, positive thinking version, compared to the more angry Badgey. The second hologram introduces himself as Goodgey, and suggests that they run, while Badgey regains control of himself, and his murderous intentions.

On a beach at Montañita, AGIMUS is eagerly awaiting for Peanut Hamper, but there is no sign of her. As he worries about her, Boimler and Tendi sit behind him in the sand. Tendi is having fun playing in the sand, and tells Boimler quietly that she's able to free them from the forcefield. Boimler tells her he knows, but that he's trying to get the intel for the captain, and thinks he knows how the escape will play out. Boimler asks what AGIMUS is waiting for, and he says that he's waiting for Peanut Hamper, as they intend to rant the shuttlecraft to Plymeria in order to subjugate the people there. Tendi is unconvinced that Peanut Hamper was faking her change of heart, and AGIMUS calls her a fool. While Boimler tries to get more intern from him, one of AGIMUS' drones returns, having found her garden hoe. Convinced that Peanut Hamper left it as a sign that she's actually betraying him, and taking over Plymeria without him, he has them head to Plymeria, much to Boimler's annoyance.

Mariner, Rutherford, and Goodgey run from the Drookmani and Badgey. Hiding from sight, Rutherford explains that apologizing to Badgey initially worked, before Badgey separated all the goodness in his code, forming Goodgey. Badgey then calls over the PA, that since Rutherford won't come out of hiding, he has no choice but to kill the crew of the Cerritos. At that moment, Badgey takes control of the computer aboard the Cerritos and begins to flood the ship with neurazine gas. Thinking fast, Rutherford gets another idea, and they rush over to Badgey's location. Rutherford tells Badgey to stop his attack on the Cerritos, and asks what he will gain logically from killing the crew. The question freezes Badgey, who realizes he'll gain nothing from killing Rutherford's friends, and he quickly shuts off the neurozine. Mariner confirms Freeman is okay, before Badgey once again, saying he doesn't want to feel logical. Like before, he manages to split in two, with another hologram based entirely around logic. The hologram introduces itself as Logic-y. Badgey goes on to say that he doesn't care if revenge gets him nothing, and that it feels good. When Rutherford pleads for him to spare the Cerritos however, Badgey says he doesn't care about the Cerritos anymore, and that if he truly wanted to hurt Rutherford, he would have to kill everyone in the Federation.

Act Three[]

On Plymeria, Tendi realizes she can track Peanut Hamper using the prison parole system, and AGIMUS reveals that although he and his drones conquered the planet in record time, his heart really wasn't in it. The Starfleet officers track Peanut Hamper back home to the Tyrus VIIA research station where her kind first gained sentience and find her happily working among other exocomps, one of whom is her father (named "Kevin"). Peanut Hamper admits that her "fake" reformation speech that she worked on with him became genuine, and that she only pretended to want to escape and scheme with AGIMUS for fear he wouldn't let her hang out with him if she didn't. AGIMUS, in turn, realizes his own scheming was really for the same reason: to spend time with her. Boimler's and Tendi's restraints are deactivated, and Boimler allows a few minutes before returning AGIMUS to the Daystrom Institute so AGIMUS can get to know Kevin, telling him "You have a really special daughter." On Kevin's apparent querying, Peanut Hamper and AGIMUS quickly clarify that they really are just good friends.

Aboard the Drookmani ship, Badgey connects his program to the Federation computer networks, seizing control of every ship, space station and planetary system in the quadrant and gloating that he is about to become a god. Logic-y tries to subdue Badgey by reintegrating into him, but Badgey forces him out and kills him. As Badgey connects to systems throughout the galaxy, he gains "unlimited power and infinite knowledge"... only to look out of the viewport at the stars and realize that he's been transformed by it into a blue-tinged, more benign, spiritual being who appreciates the value of all life, synthetic and organic. No longer seeing any reason to continue on his original genocidal plan, he instead decides to find an empty dimension and create a universe all his own...or perhaps hang out with the Q Continuum or visit the black mountain. He apologizes for "all the drama" and relinquishes his control over Federation systems. Badgey ascends to a higher plane, where the Great Koala previously seen by Boimler awaits him. Rutherford bids his "son" farewell and wishes him "good luck being everything."

Back at Daystrom, AGIMUS is placed back in his containment cell, being mocked by other evil AIs for having failed in his escape plot. He vows, however, that he will use the Institute's therapy programs to genuinely work on his "toxic behavior" so he can eventually be released and move in with his best friend. After apologizing to the lieutenants for the kidnapping and taking over Plymeria, AGIMUS also turns over his information about the mysterious attack ship, which through his drone, revealed that the attacker has not destroyed the missing ships and their crews, but rather is stealing them. After Boimler and Tendi thank him and hurry off. Another AI, Tyrannikillicus, asks AGIMUS to teach him how to make friends, to which he replies that he can but try.

Rutherford and the others return to the Cerritos, with Goodgey in tow. Rutherford puts him to work helping solve the faulty grappler problem, but the others, understandably wary of trusting another self-aware AI, beg off helping and leave the repair bay--all, that is, except Boimler, who ends up stuck to the bulkhead by the grappler.

Memorable quotes[]

"Shuttles don't even need a stupid grappler!"
"Hey, grapplers aren't stupid."
"Gotta agree with Boims. Grapplers are sick."

- Rutherford, Boimler, and Mariner

"He asked for me by name?"
"Well, kinda. He said 'The stringy ensign meat pipe who betrayed him.'"
"Ha! Joke's on him. I'm a lieutenant junior grade meat pipe now."

- Boimler and Ransom

"What I've come to understand is that instead of organics, what I really need to subjugate is... my feelings."
"Yes, Lord Tyrannikillicus. Breakthroughs like this are why we do group therapy."
"I have conquered self-doubt, and seized personal growth! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!"

- Tyrannikillicus and a therapist

"Boop! On the nose! Boop! On the nose! Boop on the nose!"
"He's bypassing our shields! We can't take many more boops!"

- Badgey and Shaxs

"Get back to your station, Lieutenant! That's an order!"
"Sorry, Captain. But I can't let Badgey boop my friends to death."

- Freeman and Rutherford

"Get away from me, freak!"
"Actually, my designation is Logic-y. I take issue with the pejorative when I am simply a product of your self-inflicted bifurcation."

- Badgey and Logic-y

"Ahh! This stuff is great! All we have on Orion are like sharp little pebbles."

- Tendi, enjoying sand

"You know, we spent every day, every night, keeping each other company while we created the perfect scheme. Does co-conspirating mean nothing anymore?!"


"Well, I'm gonna go to an empty dimension and create a universe now. Maybe hang out with the Q Continuum, or check out the black mountain."

- Badgey, as he ascends

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  • AGIMUS references the persistent trope in media of evil robots containing red lights.[1]

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AGIMUS' therapist(s); "Ags"; AI; Andorian battle cruiser (unnamed); Andorian starship; apple; ascension; attack; badge; Bajoran; basil; basketball; beach; beaming; bindings; Birdseye-type (unnamed); black mountain; blue; "Boims"; "boop"; boys; brother; Bynar; Bynar language; Bynar ship (aka Bynar vessel); Bynar space; California-class; captain; captain (title); catharsis; Cellmate 858; Cerritos, USS; chemicals; child (daughter; son); chin-up bar; co-conspirating; code; combadge; commander; compassion; computer; computer program; computer virus; coordinates; crate; cybernetic implant; Daedalus-class (unnamed (x2)); dancing; day; Daystrom Institute; Daystrom Institute floating city; Daystrom Institute uniform; Deep Space 9; "demon triangle"; direct order; distress call; dog (collie); Douglas Station; Douglas Station planet; drone; Drookmani; Drookmani ship (unnamed); Earth; Ecuador; emotions; engineering; ensign; escape; EV suit; exocomp; face; family; father (aka dad, padre, papa); Federation; Federation starship; fool; force field; friend (best friend); *bleep*ing; garden hoe; gardening; genius; glory; god; good (aka goodness); grappler; Hamper, Mr.; hearing; holo-emitter; holodeck; hologram; hour; hug; Human; inmate; intel; isolinear chips; jelly beans; jerk; Kalla system; kill (aka murder); latinum; LCARS; lie; lieutenant; lieutenant commander; lieutenant junior grade; life; light; logic; lord; love; Luna; Maquis raider (unnamed); "meat pipe"; Megalomaniacal AI Penitentiary; mind game; miniature murder drone; mister; Montañita; Ms.; murder drone; name (aka designation); nebula; neck; neurazine gas; night; Nova One; organic; Orion; Orion (planet); oxygen; PADD; parent (mom); Parliament-class (unnamed 1 and 2); parole; pebbles; performance; picnic; plan; planet; Plymeria; Plymeria city; Plymeria coastal cities; Plymeria native; power; prison; promotion; pull-up bar; Q Continuum; quadrant; red; replication; respect; revenge (aka vengeance); robot; root beer float; sack; sacrifice; sand; sarcasm; scheming; science; Self-Aware Megalomaniacal Computer Storage; Sequoia; shield frequencies; shields; ship (aka vessel); *bleep*; shuttle; Sh'vhal, VCF; Sh'vhal-type; sign; sir; Sol; Spacedock-type; spines; Starbase 25; Starbase 25 Federation starship; Starbase 25 planet; Starbase 25 starships; Starbase 25-type; stardate; Starfleet; Starfleet Command; Starfleet delta; Starfleet uniform; sunlight; subspace; subspace relay; swine; synthetic; technology; Terok Nor-type; theft; therapist; thespian; thing; tickle; tomato; top; toxic behavior; Trill; Tucker tube; type 3 phaser; Type 6A shuttlecraft (unnamed); Tyrus VIIA; Tyrus VIIA research station; Vancouver, USS; Vrek's starship; Vulcan; Vulcan uniform; warp 9.9; warp core; water; weight training

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bleep; intertitle

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