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The Revolution was here?!
{{Sidebar novel|
| image = A Good Day to Die.jpg
| Author = [[Keith R.A. DeCandido]]
| Publisher = [[Pocket Books]]
| Series = [[Star Trek: IKS Gorkon|IKS Gorkon]] #1
| Published = {{m|November|2003}}
| Pages = 279
| Year = [[2376]]
| Stardate = 53400
| ISBN = 0743457145
''Beginning an all-new series of Klingon adventures!''
== Summary ==
;From the book jacket:
:''These are the voyages of the [[Klingon Defense Force]] vessel I.K.S. ''Gorkon'', part of the mighty new ''Chancellor''-class. Its mission: to explore strange new worlds... to seek out new life and new civilizations...''
:''...and to conquer them for the greater glory of the [[Klingon Empire]]!''
:''Newly inducted into the prestigious [[Order of the Bat'leth|Order of the ''Bat'leth'']], [[Captain]] {{dis|Klag|Lieutenant}}, son of M'Raq, leads the crew of the ''Gorkon'' into the unexplored Kavrot Sector to find new [[planet]]s on which to plant the [[Klingon]] flag. There, they discover the Children of San-Tarah, a species with a warrior culture that rivals – and perhaps exceeds – the Klingons' own, living on a planet that would be a great addition to the Empire. Klag could call in General Talak's fleet to bring the world under the Klingons' heel – but the San-Tarah offer Klag a challenge he cannot refuse. The ''Gorkon'' crew and the San-Tarah will engage in several martial contests. If the Klingons lose, they will go and never trouble the planet again – but if they are victorious, the San-Tarah will cede themselves to the Empire, and Klag will have singlehandedly conquered an entire world!''
:''The first tale in a glorious adventure that will be remembered in song and story throughout the Empire!''
==Memorable quotes==
==Background information==
== Characters ==
;{{mb|Klag|{{dis|Klag|Lieutenant}}}} : [[Captain]] of the {{mb|IKS Gorkon|IKS ''Gorkon''}}
;{{mb|Kornan|[[Kornan]]}} : [[First officer]] of the IKS ''Gorkon''
;{{mb|Tog|[[Toq]]}} : [[Second officer]] of the IKS ''Gorkon''
;{{mb|B'Oraq}} : [[Chief medical officer]] of the IKS ''Gorkon''
;{{mb|Lokor}} : [[Security chief]] of the IKS ''Gorkon''
;{{mb|Rodek|[[Rodek]]}} : Gunner of the IKS ''Gorkon''
;{{mb|Leskit|[[Leskit]]}} : [[Helmsman]] of the IKS ''Gorkon''
;{{mb|Morr}} : Klag's personal guard on the IKS ''Gorkon''
;{{mb|Worf|[[Worf]]}} : [[Federation]] [[ambassador]] to [[Qo'noS]]
;{{mb|Martok|[[Martok]]}} : [[Chancellor]] of the [[Klingon High Council]]
;{{mb|Drex|[[Drex]]}} : Former first officer of the IKS ''Gorkon''
== References ==
[[Arbiter of Succession]]; {{IKSr|B'Moth}}; [[Bajoran]]; [[Bajoran wormhole]]; ''[[bat'leth]]''; [[Battle of Cardassia]]; [[Battle of Klach D'kel Brakt]]; [[bekk]]; [[Beta Quadrant]]; [[bloodwine]]; [[Boreth]]; [[Borg]]; [[Breen]]; [[bridge]]; [[captain's chair]]; [[captain's ready room]]; [[Cardassia]]; [[Cardassian]]; [[Chancellor of the Klingon High Council]]; [[Changeling]]; [[Chief of Staff]]; [[Chin'toka system]]; [[communications station]]; [[communicator]]; ''[[d'k tahg]]''; [[Dahar master]]; [[Damar]]; [[discommendation]]; [[Dominion]]; [[Dominion War]]; [[Duras, son of Ja'rod]]; [[emperor]]; [[engineering station]]; [[First Battle of Chin'toka]]; [[Gamma Quadrant]]; [[general]]; [[God]]; [[Gowron]]; [[Gre'thor]]; [[Hall of Warriors]]; [[House of Duras]]; [[House of Martok]]; [[Human]]; [[Hur'q]]; [[impulse drive]]; [[intercom]]; [[Jem'Hadar]]; [[K'Tal]]; [[Kahless (clone)]]; [[Kahless the Unforgettable]]; [[Kargan]]; [[Ketha lowlands]]; [[ketracel-white]]; [[Khitomer]]; [[Klingon]]; [[Klingon Civil War]]; [[Klingon disruptor]]; [[Klingon Empire]]; [[Klingon High Council]]; [[Kor]]; [[Kri'stak volcano]]; [[Lukara]]; [[Martok (Changeling)]]; ''[[mek'leth]]''; [[Narendra III]]; {{IKSr|Ning'tao}}; [[Order of the Bat'leth|Order of the ''Bat'leth'']]; [[Orias system]]; [[PADD]]; {{IKSr|Pagh}}; [[Jean-Luc Picard|Picard, Jean-Luc]]; [[probe]]; [[Qo'noS]]; [[Romulan]]; {{IKSr|Rotarran}}; [[science station]]; [[Second Battle of Chin'toka]]; {{revname|William|Shakespeare}}; [[standard orbit]]; [[Starfleet Academy]]; [[Starfleet Medical Academy]]; ''[[Sto-vo-kor]]''; [[Sword of Kahless]]; [[transporter]]; [[transporter room]]; [[turbolift]]; [[Ty'Gokor]]; [[United Federation of Planets]]; [[Vorta]]; [[warp drive]]
== External link ==
* {{mbeta-title}}
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|series = [[Star Trek: IKS Gorkon]]
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|next = ''[[Honor Bound]]''
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The Revolution was here?!

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