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Why, yes! It's Trelane! – with a whole slew of lethal new games you simply must play!

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Canon characters listed below are linked to the main article about them. Non-canon characters are not linked, but those that recurred, appearing or being mentioned in more than one story, are defined further in DC TOS volume 2 characters.

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James T. Kirk 
USS Enterprise-A captain.
Vulcan Enterprise-A exec and science officer.
Leonard McCoy 
Enterprise-A surgeon.
Vulcan Enterprise-A helmsman.
Montgomery Scott 
Enterprise-A chief engineer.
Enterprise-A communications officer.
Pavel Chekov 
Enterprise-A navigator and security chief.
Carol Marcus 
Federation scientist.

Others Edit

The squire of Gothos.
Teresa Ross 
Federation jurist, formerly a yeoman on the original USS Enterprise.

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Kondo Nebula

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