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When the plan goes awry, the crew must improvise. Meanwhile, Gwyn discovers a dark truth that will forever jeopardize their quest toward salvation.


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Hologram Janeway recounted what had happened after the defeat of the the Diviner: Zero stayed by Gwyn's bedside in sickbay until she regained consciousness, but she had lost her memory of the event; the previously Unwanted were given a Starfleet combadge and the REV-12 allowing them to chart their own future; the Diviner, suffering from mental breakdown, became the only Unwanted and left on Tars Lamora. With Dal's help, Gwyn slowly walked into the bridge of the Protostar as Murf, Rok, Jankom and Zero warmly greeted her. Taking the captain's chair, Dal orders a course set for Starfleet to return the ship. Gwyn showed momentary hesitation, but soon reassured Dal that nothing was wrong and concurred to his command. With everyone in agreement, the Protostar went into warp heading for Federation space.

Aboard the USS Dauntless, Ensign Asencia, manning the navigation console, reported to the ship's CO, Vice Admiral Kathryn Janeway, that a proto-warp signature from the Protostar had been detected, noting this was the third such detection recently. Admiral Janeway responded that this would be a pattern which indicated the reappearance of the Protostar. She ordered the Dauntless to the last detected position of the Protostar and vowed to find out what happened, and to rescue Captain Chakotay and his crew.

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Memorable quotes

"You can all breathe easy now. Except for me, of course. A benefit of being non-corporeal."

- Zero

"You used me to hurt others! It's time I showed you who I truly am, so you cannot hurt anyone else!"

- Zero, before exposing their true form to The Diviner

"Look at Me! Don't look or you'll go mad!"

- Dal, warning Gwyn not to look at Zero

"Where to, Captain?"
"It's time we return their ship. Set a course for Starfleet."

- Zero and Dal, before getting underway

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alliance; Andorian; ankle monitor; archway; atmospheric shields; brig; Brikar; Caitian; captain; Chakotay; civil war; civilization; computer; coordinates; course; Dal R'El's species; Dauntless, USS; Dauntless-class; dilithium matrix; door; energy; energy core; engine; engine room; ensign; Federation; feeling; first contact; freedom; friend; gift; hand; hatch; head; heirloom; history; holodeck; idea; input variance; insanity; interplex; jump start; jury rig; life; Lurian; magic; manacle (aka ankle restraint); maximum warp; Medusan; memories; meow; Milky Way Galaxy; miner; minute; mission; Murf's species; name; non-corporeal; offspring (aka progeny); percussive maintenance; plasma conduit; power; prodigy; proto-core; proto-warp; proto-warp signature; Protostar, USS; Protostar-type; protostar drive (aka proto-drive); reflection; Rev-12; security protocol (security protocol s-29); shield emitters; shields; short wave communicator; short wave translator; siphon; Solum; Solum-1; star; Starfleet; Starfleet uniform; Tars Lamora; Tellarite; thought; time travel; tragedy; training log; transporter; Trill; truth; universal translator; universe; Unwanted, The; upgrades; Vau N'Akat; voice; voyages; Watcher; worlds; year

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code keypad; communicator; diagnostic check; engineering; flight operator; keypad; level; navigation; proto-engine; RADAR; short range sensor; short range sensor analysis; stat; synch; temperature; turbine; ventilation; warp; warp mode; wireframe mode

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