A Survey on Cygnian Respiratory Diseases

Chapel returning the text to sickbay

"A Survey on Cygnian Respiratory Diseases" was a medical text dealing with the various diseases that have been known to affect the respiratory system.

In 2268, Christine Chapel used a memory tape of this text as a prop in a bluff, claiming it contained Doctor Leonard McCoy's orders for Ensign Garrovick to eat something. When she returned the tape to sickbay, McCoy asked her what it was, then read the title when she showed it to him. When he asked her what she was doing with it, Chapel answered, "Applying psychology." (TOS: "Obsession")

In 2371, Dr. Julian Bashir read this article during his attempt to hone his medical knowledge in an effort to impress Dr. Elizabeth Lense, who was soon to arrive on Deep Space 9 aboard the USS Lexington. (DS9: "Explorers")

The paper might pertain to the diseases to natives of Cygnus, Cygnet XIV, Cygniai Expanse, or Omega Cygni.
According to the novelization, Star Trek Log 4 by Alan Dean Foster, Magen's species was stated to be Cygnian, while the "The Time Trap" script stated she was from the Omega Cygni system.

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