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A Time to Die is a Pocket TNG novel – the second novel in the A Time to… series and the second novel in a duology – written by John Vornholt. Published by Pocket Books, it was first released in February 2004.


From the book jacket
It was supposed to be a mission of mercy until the unthinkable occurred: the destruction of the USS Juno, killing all hands on board. Starfleet Command has unjustly assessed the actions of Captain Picard and the Enterprise crew during that fateful assignment to the Rashanar Battle Site – the site that saw one of the fiercest conflicts of the Dominion War, and which is now a hazardous interstellar graveyard filled with hundreds of devastated starships. While the court-ordered medical evaluation that relieved Picard of command is ongoing, there is ongoing speculation that his illustrious career may be coming to an end.
To clear his former commander, acting captain William Riker and a demoralized skeleton crew agree to conduct a covert operation, and must venture the Starship Enterprise back into Rashanar to track down a mythical menace – one that may already be responsible for the annihilation of countless fully armed starships. Unbridled hostility and the promise of death lurk at every turn, but they could never imagine that their only chance of survival may lie in the unexpected return of an old friend…

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Memorable quotes

"I figured you would choose the Vulcan cave left to your own devices long enough"
"It's the most like a prison"

- Counselor Cabot and Picard

"They say we are cowards and heathens because we're trifling with their dead."
"Tell them we'll vaporize their dead if they don't stop firing at us!"

- Erwin and Riker


Canon characters

Beverly Crusher 
Chief medical officer of the Enterprise-E
Wesley Crusher 
Chief operations officer of the Enterprise-E
Geordi La Forge 
Chief engineer of the Enterprise-E
Trill, conn officer of the Enterprise-E, lieutenant
Jean-Luc Picard 
Captain of the Enterprise-E
William T. Riker 
First officer of the Enterprise-E
Deanna Troi 
Counselor on the Enterprise-E
Admiral at Starfleet Command
Alynna Nechayev 
Admiral at Starfleet Command
William Ross 
Admiral at Starfleet Command

Non-canon characters

Brewster, Ensign 
Alias for Wesley Crusher
Colleen Cabot 
Counselor at Starfleet Medical
Christine Vale 
Tactical officer of the Enterprise-E
Jason Emery 
Aide to Commodore Korgan
Medusan commodore in Starfleet
Androssi scavenger
Overseer Jacer 
Androssi scavenger
Orion scavenger
Orion scavenger:


antimatter; auto-destruct; cloaking device; Jem'Hadar battle cruiser; Klingon disruptor; Maquis; Orion; Pakled; Romulan ale; Starfleet Corps of Engineers; The Traveler

Androssi (β
Blue-skinned species, scavengers at Rashanar Battle Site
Demon flyer 
Ontailian name for the shape-shifting creature at Rashanar
USS Hickok (β
Ambassador-class starship lost at Battle of Rashanar
species, scavengers at Rashanar Battle Site
Kreel (β
ape-shaped scaly species, scavengers at Rashanar Battle Site
Ona (β
Ontailian homeworld
Ontailian (β
Federation members, non-humanoid
Federation tug named for Ekosian bird
Ontailian flagship

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