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A Vulcan Odyssey is an autobiographical reference book by Lawrence Montaigne. He wrote the book in 2006, and it was published by BookSurge Publishing on 27 December 2006.

When asked about the book in 2012, Montaigne stated, "I took it to Star Trek conventions, and I had a number of sales. Then I started to get letters and emails. People were coming back and saying, 'This is great reading' or 'This is a lot of fun.' So I did my job. It was fun. My life has been fun, and I wanted to share that with people." [1]


Lawrence starred or co-starred in twenty-five films in the U.S. and in Europe and also appeared in more than two hundred television episodes. Upon discharge from the Marine Corps, he studied Drama at The Dramatic Workshop in New York and was later featured in such films as The Great Escape (with Steve McQueen and James Garner), Tobruk (with Rock Hudson and George Peppard), The Power (with George Hamilton and Suzanne Plechette), Captain Sindbad and Damon & Pythias (both starring Guy Williams), The Mongols (starring Jack Palance and Anita Ekberg) and Escape To Witch Mountain (with Ray Milland and Donald Pleasance.) He starred in Pillar of Fire (made in Israel) and Mobby Jackson and Rapina Al Quartiere Ovest (both made in Italy). He has worked in Italy, Germany, Yugoslavia, and Israel. "Of all the films, television and theatre I've done, I can honestly say that the things I'm most remember for are the two roles I created on the original Star Trek: Decius in "Balance of Terror" and Stonn in "Amok Time"."

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