Aaron Conor was the leader of the Earth colony on Moab IV, a genetically-engineered and socially isolated colony of Humans.

In 2368, a stellar core fragment of a neutron star passed through the Moab system. The resulting gravitational stress threatened to create earthquakes stronger than the colony's artificial biosphere could withstand. Conor reluctantly accepted the help of the USS Enterprise-D, which had been observing the fragment.

This action was in direct contrast to the stated aims of the colony, which included a strict policy of non-contact with anyone from outside the colony. Consequently, Conor's actions were unpopular among some colonists, in particular with Martin Benbeck who believed that anything other than total self-reliance was a failure for the colony. Nonetheless, Conor believed that as leader his first duty was to the safety and continued existence of the colony and he overrode Benbeck's objections and accepted help from the Enterprise-D.

The consequences of his decision were far-reaching. Many of the colonists, including Hannah Bates decided to leave the colony after extended contact with those from outside. Even though he and Counselor Deanna Troi had formed a relationship in their short time together, Conor himself chose to remain on Moab IV. (TNG: "The Masterpiece Society")

Aaron Conor was played by actor John Snyder.
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