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Aaron Haedt (born 30 October 1974; age 45) is an actor and writer who appeared as a Starfleet Doctor in Star Trek.

Haedt was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado and earned a BA in Theater from the University of Washington. He studied acting under Howard Fine and Stephen Book and trained stunts at the SWAT Tactical Training Academy.

Beside several stage performances and leading roles in internet productions, Headt worked as a writing intern on the comedy talk show The Man Show. His first on-screen appearance was as a background performer in the drama Benny & Joon (1993, with Noon Orsatti). Since then, he portrayed background roles in the television series Almost Live! (1996), the television drama Introducing Dorothy Dandridge (1999, with Brent Spiner), the Over There episode Suicide Rain (2005, along Brigid Brannagh and Scott Klace), John Putch's television drama The Poseidon Adventure (2005, with Peter Weller and Max Daniels), the drama Southland Tales (2006, with Dwayne Johnson, John Larroquette, Holmes Osborne, Wallace Shawn, and Matt McColm), and the comedy Reno 911!: Miami (2007, with The Rock).

More recently, Haedt had supporting roles in James A. Contner's television thriller Shark Swarm (2008, with F. Murray Abraham, Rick Scarry, and Renie Rivas), the comedy Extreme Movie (2008, with Hank Harris and Bobbi Sue Luther), the science fiction comedy Revenge of the Bimbot Zombie Killers (2009, with Kristen Ariza), and Ron Howard's thriller Angels & Demons (2009, along Arlo Hemphill, Christopher Jude, Bertrand Roberson, Jr., and Jon Donahue).

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