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Aaron Harvey's variant cover for the third issue of Star Trek - Green Lantern: Stranger Worlds

Aaron Harvey is a graphic designer.

In 2016, he created a licensed Star Trek 50th Anniversary t-shirt, and worked on Star Trek Online. He created the variant cover for IDW Publishing and DC's jointly published Star Trek - Green Lantern: Stranger Worlds Issue 3, which was published on 15 February 2017. [1] On 22 August 2017, the website announced that Aaron would be designing a variant cover for Star Trek: Discovery - The Light of Kahless, Issue 2, to be published later that year. [2] One of his Star Trek: Discovery illustrations was briefly featured in AT: "Lethe". Aaron also hosts some podcasts on Trek.FM, including regularly hosting a Star Trek: The Animated Series podcast called "Saturday Morning Trek".

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