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The ablative hull armor is a powerful starship defense system used to defend starships from most hostile enemy attacks.

Composed of a special alloy, the armor is formed by ablative armor hull generators that are mounted on a ship's hull. When deployed, phasers cannot be utilized; an aperture can only be opened for use of the torpedo launchers.

In an alternate timeline, the ablative armor was designed to defend against the Borg. It is highly resistant to weapons fire. This armor was used by the future Admiral Kathryn Janeway on her shuttlecraft while escaping with the chrono deflector, thus resisting Klingon weapons fire, and when she traveled back through time to 2378.

Admiral Janeway provided the armor technology to her past crew to help the Voyager penetrate Borg defenses around a transwarp hub. (VOY: "Endgame")

Its is unclear what happened to the Ablative hull armor technology after Kathryn Janeway brought the armor back to the 24th century. Presumeably it was confiscated by Temporal Investigations and eventually integrated into then current Starfleet defence technology.

This armor should not be confused with the ablative armor used on the USS Defiant and USS Prometheus. There was no explicit verbal differentiation between the two technologies mentioned in "Endgame". It could be speculated that the technology seen in Endgame is an outgrowth of the ablative armor used in the "current" timeline.
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