Abrom was a Zeon who lived and worked on the neighboring planet Ekos. Abrom and his younger brother, Isak, were sent to Ekos in an attempt to civilize the Ekosians.

In the 2260s, a Federation cultural observer named John Gill, as an experiment, tampered with the evolution of the Ekosian species by introducing a Nazi-themed concept of force and the state, causing the ruling regime to unite their people under a banner of anti-Zeon sentiment. When the Ekosian Nazis began putting Zeons to death, many banded together in an underground, of which Abrom and Isak were members. Abrom and Isak helped a landing party from a Federation starship locate Gill and decapitate his oppressive government before a full-scale invasion of Zeon began. (TOS: "Patterns of Force")

Abrom was played by actor William Wintersole.

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