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The Acamarian Federal Security was a police force on the planet Acamar III. This agency was responsible for maintaining peace and order on the planet.

In 2313, the AFS apprehended Penthor-Mul in Lornak City. At the time, Mul, the leader of a Gatherer band, was attempting an assault upon a weapons depot supply in Yatsura District. After the arrest, the AFS handed Mul over to the judicial authority, who charged him with various criminal acts.

In 2366, this law enforcement agency was mentioned in one of the police records of Penthor-Mul, which were accessible to the crew of the USS Enterprise-D via the Acamarian planetary database (TNG: "The Vengeance Factor", okudagram)

For the remastered episode, the Acamarian Federal Security was replaced by the Acamarian Internal Security.
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