Aceton assimilators were described as primitive generators which could drain power from distant sources. They could be easily modified to convert energy into radiation.

During the war with the Promellians in the 14th century, the Menthars hid several hundred thousand Aceton assimilators in the floating remains of Orelious IX, creating an instant booby trap. The Promellian battle cruiser Cleponji encountered this booby trap following the destruction of Orelious, where it eventually succumbed to the assimilators.

Over a millennium later, the Federation starship USS Enterprise-D, following the discovery of the Cleponji, also fell prey to the effects of the assimilators. They were able to out-maneuver the devices by utilizing the ship's thrusters to navigate out of the field. Following their escape, the Enterprise destroyed the trap field as well as the Cleponji to prevent anyone else from becoming trapped in the future. (TNG: "Booby Trap")

According to the script, aceton was pronounced as "ASS-ah-tawn". [1]
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