Acost Jared was a male Ventaxian politician in the 24th century and became the head of state by 2367. Jared was an honest, wise and religious person who abhorred violence and took pride in the peaceful society the Ventaxians had.

In the 2360s, when Federation scientist Doctor Howard Clark and his team arrived on Ventax II to study their culture, Jared and him became friends.

For several years prior to 2367, he had grown obsessed with the legend of the mythic figure Ardra, an important figure in Ventaxian theology. He was familiar with the Contract of Ardra and feared that she would return to collect on her end of the bargain. He interpreted the tremors and the visions of Ardra he saw as the same ones from the Contract. He spoke out about this to the population, and eventually riots formed and threatened everything, including the research station which Clark directed. This got the attention of the USS Enterprise-D.

When an imposter arrived in 2367 claiming to be Ardra, Jared immediately surrendered. Captain Jean-Luc Picard confronted this person and called for an arbitration to prove she was not Ardra. During this, Jared interpreted recent events as evidence this person was Ardra. He also recalled events of Ardra's original appearance. Because he believed she was Ardra and was willing to agree to the Contract's terms, Ventaxian law would rule in Ardra's favor. However, the Enterprise crew was able to capture her ship and showed Jared they "stole" her abilities and used them against her. He was impressed, and subsequently had her arrested. (TNG: "Devil's Due")

Acost Jared was played by Marcelo Tubert.
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