For the Biblical figures, please see Adam and Eve.
"I reach that, brother. I really do."
– Adam commenting on the Vulcan lute to Spock, 2269 ("The Way to Eden")

Adam was one of numerous young followers of Dr. Sevrin who sought the mythical planet Eden. An accomplished musician, he played a guitar-type instrument, singing songs of Sevrin's call for an abandonment of technological society and an embrace of the natural life that preceded it.

After stealing the space cruiser Aurora in 2269, Adam and the rest of Sevrin's group were apprehended by the Federation starship USS Enterprise. He found a kindred spirit in Spock, encouraging the Vulcan to come play his lute with them. Later, he aided Sevrin in disabling the ship's crew and appropriating Enterprise shuttlecraft Galileo II.

Adam died as a result of eating an acid-saturated fruit on a world he thought was Eden. (TOS: "The Way to Eden")

Adam was played by actor Charles Napier.
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