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"Anyone can procreate. You exist because I willed it!"
– Adam Soong to Kore Soong, 2024 ("Mercy")

Doctor Adam Soong was a male Human geneticist and engineer who lived during the 21st century. He was the owner of Soong Dynamics, which produced equipment that he used in his experiments.

Soong's life's ambition was both to genetically improve humanity and also to artificially create a Human. Using somatic nuclear cell transfer, he created a series of such beings, all of whom he considered his "daughters". His first dozen attempts only survived for hours, the next few for days. None of his creations lived longer than four years save for what Soong intended to be his final attempt, Kore Soong. Yet despite living far longer than her "sisters", Kore still suffered from a genetic defect that made exposure to unfiltered air and sunlight deadly. Soong never told any of his "daughters" their true origin, instead fabricating a childhood and an absent mother for them. (PIC: "Two of One", "Fly Me to the Moon", "Mercy")

The simulation of Soong's lab shown in "Mercy" contained 40 biological samples, including Kore's, which may be the total number of "daughters" Soong created.

In his quest to find a cure for Kore, Soong partnered with Spearhead Operations, a private military organization, to conduct illegal genetic experiments on homeless veterans. These activities were exposed to the public in January of 2023, drawing condemnation; some media outlets called him a "mad scientist". When Soong attempted to solicit greater support for his research from the California Medical Board in 2024, he was instead judged to have violated the Shenzhen Convention. The Federation of State Medical Boards had his license and funding revoked, and barred him from further work in genetics.

Soong meeting Jean-Luc Picard

Shortly afterward, Soong was approached by Q, who offered a cure for his daughter's condition in exchange for removing an "obstacle": the astronaut Renée Picard, who was due to embark on the Europa Mission. Considering himself a "hostage" to Q if he indeed had a cure, Soong agreed.

At a gala celebrating the Europa Mission, Soong attempted to hit Picard with his car; at the last moment, Jean-Luc Picard pushed his ancestor out of the way, and was struck himself. Soong fled the scene, despondent at his failure, and inadvertently aroused Kore's suspicion about her origins. (PIC: "Fly Me to the Moon", "Two of One")

The next day, Kore learned the truth from a simulacrum of Q, who also provided her with a permanent cure for her condition. She confronted her father about his experiment and, after Soong was unable to answer whether he loved her or his legacy that she represented, she abandoned him. (PIC: "Mercy")

Soong making a deal with the Borg Queen

Later that evening, Soong was contacted by the Borg Queen, controlling Agnes Jurati's body. She told him of his potential role in history: in a timeline where Renée Picard made a discovery during the Europa Mission that rendered his work obsolete, he would die alone and forgotten. If she did not, Soong would save Humanity from extinction and become venerated as "the father of the future". Soong agreed to aid the Queen in her plans to capture CSS La Sirena, and used his contact with Spearhead Operations to obtain a team of elite mercenaries. (PIC: "Mercy")

Soong killing Tallinn with a neurotoxin

On launch day, Soong rigged up four drones to destroy the Europa Mission spacecraft as a backup plan while attempting to assassinate Renée directly using a fast-acting neurotoxin. However, he only succeeded in killing Tallinn who had disguised herself as Renée while Raffaela Musiker managed to give Cristóbal Rios manual control over one of his drones which Rios used to destroy all four. With the successful launch of the Europa Mission, the Confederation timeline was averted.

Soong later furiously watched a transmission from Renée before his files suddenly started being deleted remotely by Kore. Contacting her father, Kore told Soong that she had made a new future for them both and that "this is for my sisters" before she deleted Soong's entire database. Soong then removed a confidential funding report on Project Khan from 1996 from his filing cabinet. (PIC: "Farewell")

Holographic statue of Soong in an alternate timeline

In an alternate timeline, Soong served as an integral part of the Confederation of Earth. He was known for stating the Confederation's mantra: "A safe galaxy is a Human galaxy." By that timeline's 2401, a holographic statue of Soong that played his quote was on display in San Francisco Bay. (PIC: "Penance")

Soong's "daughters"



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Adam Soong was played by Brent Spiner.