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Adam Taylor Gordon (born 20 June 1993; age 26) is the actor who portrayed a young Trip Tucker in a dream sequence in the Star Trek: Enterprise third season premiere episode "The Xindi". He again played a younger version of Tucker, "Sim" in the third season episode "Similitude".

The same year, Gordon worked on Star Trek, he also worked on the television drama Wuthering Heights (2003, with Mike Vogel and Kurt Lott), lent his voice to the animated movie I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown (2003, along with Jimmy Bennett), and was featured in the comedy Cheaper by the Dozen (2003, with Alan Ruck, Holmes Osborne, David Bowe, and Ted Rooney).

Further acting work includes the thriller Cellular (2004, with Lenore Kasdorf, Matt McColm, and Sean Smith and directed by David Richard Ellis), episodes of Medical Investigation (2004, with Neal McDonough, Gregory Itzin, Frank Novak, and Kavita Patil) and Weeds (2005, with Andy Milder, Clayton Rohner, and Mike Massa), the horror thriller The Garden (2006, with Claudia Christian and Mike Watson), commercials for Gripz (2005) and Chlorox (2006), and the family movie The Legend of William Tell (2006, with Ed Begley, Jr.).

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