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Commander Adreek-Hu was an 24th century Aurelian Starfleet command division officer who served as first officer aboard the USS Protostar.

Starfleet career[]

First officer of the USS Protostar[]

During the christening of the Protostar, he was talking to a fellow operations officer. (PRO: "Asylum")

He was captured alongside Captain Chakotay by the Vau N'Akat after the Protostar entered the temporal anomaly that had sent them to the future on Solum. Alongside Chakotay, Adreek-Hu tried to defend the bridge against the Drednoks which stormed the ship but to no avail. As their captors were about to leave Solum with the Protostar, the two officers escaped but were unable to regain control of the ship. Adreek-Hu was injured and Chakotay opted to send back the crewless ship through the anomaly away from the Vau N'Akat, leaving the Protostar's crew stranded on 25th century Solum. (PRO: "Preludes")

When Vice Admiral Kathryn Janeway was searching for the missing Protostar, Adreek-Hu appeared in the holo-recording of the Protostar's christening during the admiral's review of the event. (PRO: "Asylum")

Dal R'El, Jankom Pog, Zero, and Maj'el aided Chakotay and Adreek in their effort to launch the Protostar, intending to rescue the two once the ship had been launched into the past. However, during the firefight with the Drednoks, Dal accidentally dropped his disruptor which Chakotay recovered, allowing him and Adreek to board the ship. This accidentally changed time as Chakotay and Adreek escaped with the Protostar instead of sending it back in time alone, resulting in it not going to Tars Lamora as the Protostar was supposed to. (PRO: "Who Saves the Saviors")

In 2385, with the help of Wesley Crusher, Dal, Jankom, Gwyndala, Rok-Tahk, Murf, Zero and Maj'el found the Protostar crashed on Ysida with only Chakotay and Hologram Janeway present, having been marooned there for ten years. Chakotay's reaction to questions about Adreek suggested that a terrible fate had befallen the officer and that it was still a sore subject for Chakotay. Gwyn realized that Chakotay's chess pieces were all of his officers, and Hologram Janeway explained that Chakotay had lost his entire crew. After Chakotay and Adreek marooned themselves on the planet, it took its toll on both of them and Adreek wanted to give his captain hope and sought to find another way off of the planet and another solution, but Chakotay thought that it was impossible and far too risky to try. Adreek had a theory about using the antimatter from the storms to replenish the ship's warp engines, but was forced to test it out by himself. However, a storm blew in and Adreek never returned.

Adreek-Hu's Memorial Service

Adreek-Hu's memorial service

While fleeing from giant worms during an ion maelstrom, Dal found Adreek's body. Nearby was a device drawing lightning from the storm while Adreek was holding a canister of the antimatter that he'd successfully gathered to power the ship before dying. The crew brought Adreek's body back to the Protostar where they gave him a burial at sea. Finding Adreek and discovering that he had been right all along helped to reignite Chakotay's broken spirit. (PRO: "Last Flight of the Protostar, Part I")

By enacting Adreek's plan, the crew was able to repower the Protostar and escape the planet. (PRO: "Last Flight of the Protostar, Part II")



Background information[]

Adreek-Hu was voiced by Tommie Earl Jenkins. This character was only named in the source's end credits.

According to Aaron Waltke, Adreek-Hu belongs to a flightless subspecies of Aurelians. [1]

The Star Trek: The Animated Series Supplemental Guide mentions the Novolare, a flightless subspecies of Aurelians that have a greater presence in Starfleet than their winged cousins, as they are less prone to claustrophobia.