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Aftermath is a Pocket SCE collection – the eighth collection of the series – containing books #29-36 of the original eBook series, written by Christopher L. Bennett, Randall N. Bills & Loren L. Coleman, Robert Greenberger, Andy Mangels & Michael A. Martin, and Aaron Rosenberg. Published by Pocket Books, it was first released in trade paperback in November 2006.


From the book jacket
Having recovered from the catastrophic events of Wildfire, the Starfleet Corps of Engineers team of the USS da Vinci meets its new second officer: Mor glasch Tev, an arrogant Tellarite who's the best there is – and he knows it.
Even as Captain Gold and Commander Gomez get used to their acerbic new officer, the S.C.E. team faces crises in its own solar system. A strange vessel appears in the middle of San Francisco that the S.C.E. must deal with – aided by engineers extraordinaire Montgomery Scott and Miles O'Brien. Then they have to help the Venus terraforming team – a mission that brings Bynar computer expert Soloman to a difficult crossroads.
That's only the beginning of the challenges for the Corp as it faces a Ferengi with a time machine, a prison colony in a black hole – and a mission from the Dominion War that comes back to haunt the da Vinci crew in more ways than one…

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See individual stories for details.
  1. Aftermath by Christopher L. Bennett
  2. Ishtar Rising, Book 1 by Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangels
  3. Ishtar Rising, Book 2 by Michael A. Martin & Andy Mangels
  4. Buying Time by Robert Greenberger
  5. Collective Hindsight, Book One by Aaron Rosenberg
  6. Collective Hindsight, Book Two by Aaron Rosenberg
  7. The Demon, Book 1 by Loren L. Coleman & Randall N. Bills
  8. The Demon, Book 2 by Loren L. Coleman & Randall N. Bills

Background information

  • Starting with this release, the SCE collections carry the name Star Trek: Corps of Engineers, reflecting the change in the eBook series' title. The original eBooks were published under the Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers banner.
  • With three two-part eBook stories and two single-part stories, and reflecting the new trade paperback format, Aftermath was the longest SCE collection to date at 640 pages. The next longest at the time was Miracle Workers, which was only 444 pages long.

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