A holographic aikido fighter

Aikido was a Human art of self-defense that originated in Japan. This martial art used holds and locks, and taught the principles of nonresistance to debilitate the strength of an opponent.

Hoshi Sato held a black belt in aikido. (ENT: "Observer Effect")

Security chief Natasha Yar was trained in aikido and demonstrated this in a holographic program to the Ligonians Lutan and Hagon on the holodeck. (TNG: "Code of Honor") Three days before her death, Yar was scheduled to participate in a martial arts competition with Science Officer Swenson and Lieutenant Minnerly. She was favored in the ship's pool. (TNG: "Skin of Evil")

Susanna Thompson, who played Lenara Kahn in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and the Borg Queen on Star Trek: Voyager, is skilled in aikido.

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