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The Akaali were a humanoid species who inhabited a Minshara class planet located seventy-eight light years from Earth. They were similar in appearance to Humans, but had notably defined anterior crests symmetrically located on either side of the forehead.


During the mid-22nd century the Akaali were a pre-industrial society.

Around 2149, the Malurians visited the planet and were clandestinely exploiting their planet for veridium, where they had set up their mining operation beneath a curio shop in a city on the eastern continent. The use of tetracyanate 622 in this process created an epidemic that lasted over a period of eighteen months. The disease caused many Akaali to experience mottled skin and lesions on their faces, followed by death. Their level of medical technology was unable to cure the disease.

The Akaali were later discovered by Humans in 2151 when their homeworld was discovered by crew of Enterprise NX-01. At the time of their discovery, the Akaali had a population was approximately 500 million, who inhabited dozens of cities on all continents with as many languages. At the time, all inhabitants who lived in the city visited by the first Enterprise away team were required to carry identification papers. The remote regions outside their cities were sparsely populated with farms.

Following the expulsion of Garos, the lead Malurian in question, from the planet by Enterprise, Captain Jonathan Archer notified the Vulcans to "look in on" the Akaali "from time to time", in order to prevent any further Malurian influence. (ENT: "Civilization")

The Akaali had become warp-capable by the 32nd century and had established a colony in the Radvek asteroid belt, where they lived under the influence of the Emerald Chain. The colony was destroyed by the DMA in 3190. (DIS: "The Examples")


In Akaali mythology, Draylan was the ruler of the afterworld. (ENT: "Civilization"; DIS: "The Examples")

During the mid-22nd century, they travelled their oceans by clipper ships. Technologically, they lighted their cities with residic oil lamps, but still lacked indoor plumbing. They also possessed the crossbow and they consumed a form of tea. Their political divisions, at the time, were split into provinces and they used units of measure such as meter and liter.

Despite their relatively primitive technological level, Phlox expressed admiration for the otherwise unrefined forensic techniques of an apothecary, stating of them, "Isn't it extraordinary? Thousands of sentient species in our little corner of the cosmos, each one discovering science in their own unique way." (ENT: "Civilization")

At a later stage of history, lalogi orbs were precious heirlooms owned by all Akaali families. They contained holographic displays of every member of a family.

By the 32nd century, under the influence of the Emerald Chain, the Akaali in the Radvek asteroid belt had adopted the legal practice of using "Examples": a small number of criminals, convicted of both large and small offenses, imprisoned for life to demonstrate the cost of misbehavior. (DIS: "The Examples")





Background information[]

The script of "Civilization" describes the Akaali as "humanoids with small ridges on their faces, and minor skin colorations."

Also, another scene description in that script refers to the Akaali as the first civilization encountered by Enterprise. In a scene that was scripted for the end of ENT: "Home" (and included in the ENT Season 4 Blu-ray) but never filmed, the Akaali are similarly said to have been the first pre-warp civilization discovered by Enterprise. They were intended to be referred to as such by Captain Archer.

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