Akary was a Novan who lived on the planet Terra Nova as one of the descendants of the Terra Nova colonists.

In 2151, Akary became trapped under a large trunk in an underground well when several tunnels collapsed following the crash of Shuttlepod 1 beneath the surface. The well was slowly filling with water and Akary was unable to move because of his broken leg under the trunk.

He screamed for help and was heard by Nadet. Akary was saved when Captain Jonathan Archer used his phase-pistol to cut the trunk. This rescue act led to an understanding of the Novan leader Jamin and the successful relocation of the Novans to the southern hemisphere of the planet. (ENT: "Terra Nova")

Akary was played by actor Greville Henwood and his stunt double Vladimir Orlov. They filmed their scenes on Friday 17 August 2001 on Paramount Stage 9.