Akuta was the leader of the Vaalian natives of Gamma Trianguli VI. He was known as the "eyes of Vaal", the machine that controlled and provided for Akuta's people. He wore antennae, given to him in the dim time, by which he received commands from Vaal.

When crewmembers from the USS Enterprise transported to the planet in 2267, Akuta spied on them before he was caught by Kirk, who subdued him. Akuta surprised the members of the Enterprise landing party when he started to cry. He, like the rest of his people, was childlike and backward, although they were in perfect health, and didn't seem to be aging at all. Akuta then took the landing party to Vaal.

Akuta was ordered by Vaal to destroy the away team. Akuta showed the other Vaalians how to do this by smashing a melon with a stick. He led the people in an attack against the away team, and they killed one member before they were subdued.

After the Enterprise destroyed Vaal, Captain Kirk spoke to Akuta and his people explaining that they were now free to learn to take care of themselves. (TOS: "The Apple")

Akuta was played by Keith Andes.
The novel No Time Like the Past depicts Akuta meeting a temporally and space displaced Seven of Nine. He disobeys the order to feed her to Vaal.

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