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Alan Shearman (born 15 January 1947; age 73) is the actor who played Inspector Lestrade in the Star Trek: The Next Generation second season episode "Elementary, Dear Data". He is also an accomplished writer.

As a member of the Low Moan Spectacular theater company (with TNG co-star Diz White) he co-wrote several plays and musicals including the farce Bullshot Crummond which was adapted into the 1983 film Bullshot, in which he played the title role. Shearman's other feature film credits consist of small roles in The Incredible Shrinking Woman (1981, also starring Henry Gibson and John Glover), Escape from New York (1981, with Adrienne Barbeau), Jake Speed (1986, with Dennis Christopher), Vice Versa (1988, with Danny Goldring), Mortal Passions (1989, starring Zach Galligan and David Warner), Sunset Grill (1993, starring Peter Weller and John Rhys-Davies), and Charlie's Ghost Story (1994, with Charles Rocket). He also wrote and appeared in 2001: A Space Travesty in 2000.

On television, Shearman previously appeared on the short-lived Wizards and Warriors, starring Duncan Regehr, Clive Revill, and Ian Wolfe. This was followed with a regular role on Mog, a series for which he also wrote. He went on to work with John Larroquette on Night Court and Kelsey Grammer on Frasier. He also appeared in a number of made-for-TV movies, including Jack Reed: Badge of Honor (1993, with Bill Bolender, Bruce French, Alice Krige, Neal McDonough, William Sadler, and Barbara Tarbuck), Shadow of Obsession (1994, with Jonathan Banks and Richard Riehle), The Secretary (1995, with Richard Herd), Liz: The Elizabeth Taylor Story (1995, with Judith Jones, Michael McGrady, Eugene Roche, and Ray Wise), Black Fox (1995, with Tony Todd), The Apocalypse Watch (1997, with Virginia Madsen), and Santa, Jr. (2002, with George D. Wallace).

Recently, his credits have mostly been voiceover work in various video games and animated television series. Among the latter was voice work in an episode of Family Guy, the popular animated sitcom created by Star Trek fan Seth MacFarlane. He also voiced in an episode of Teen Titans with Ron Perlman.

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