Alcor IV was the inhabited fourth planet in the Alcor system. The planet was a long distance from the location where USS Discovery was abandoned, far enough that crossing the distance in a Class C shuttlecraft was possible but a stretch.

During the 23rd century, there were no Human settlements on the planet. At a later date, there were quite a few Human inhabitants on the planet, who by this time, were growing fewer in numbers. They were involved in a war with the V'draysh for at least ten years, with the final outcome unknown.

It was not customary for the inhabitants of this world to tell other people their true name. Instead, when two people fell in love, it was the custom for one party to give a name to the other. The planet's Humans were not familiar with the concept of a Tuesday. They were known to get tattoos, including of the the image of a cyclops owl, which was distinct for this world. Hunting and fishing were practiced on Alcor IV.

The planet was home to Craft and his family. (ST: "Calypso")

Indigenous lifeformsEdit

The world was home to the sorrowhawk. Imagery of the cyclops owl was only found on Alcor IV, and predated Human settlement. (ST: "Calypso")

Craft talking about having a line out on a body of water also implies aquatic lifeforms.

Geographical featuresEdit

A body of water known as the Reach was known for its distinct sound when the wind hit the sea from the southwest.

There was also at least one agricultural area on the planet. Craft's wife and son were standing in front of crops in an animated photo he had. (ST: "Calypso")

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