Aleek-Om was a Federation historian of Aurelian origin.

Aleek-Om participated in historical research expeditions using the Guardian of Forever on the time planet. A mission which Aleek-Om undertook along with Grey, another historian, in 2269 ended up revealing much data on the history of Orion and Vulcan. (TAS: "Yesteryear")

Aleek-Om was voiced by James Doohan. His name was not spoken on screen but rather comes from the script, which describes his species name, and also states the following: "Aleek-om is a native of the planet Aurelia, and he is a bird-like creature of a blue-green hue. He keeps his wings neatly folded along the line of his back and has a pair of short arms ending in a spread of delicately taloned claws. These do not stop him from operating a tricorder efficiently."
The novelization of "Yesteryear" (in Star Trek Log 1) gives Aleek-Om's first name as "Loom".
In the novels Watching the Clock and Forgotten History, he is depicted as being the Department of Temporal Investigations' senior historian in the early 2380s. According to the latter, he was one of the DTI's consultants at the time of its foundation in 2272.

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