Alenis Grem was a female Bajoran archivist who worked in the Bajoran Central Archives in the 24th century.

In 2371, Alenis conducted a study on the Elemspur Detention Center for the Archives. She discovered that Cardassian records said that Kira Nerys was at the center for seven days in 2361. Alenis contacted Kira to tell her and ask about her time there, however, she found out that Kira believed herself never to have been there.

After Kira talked to Yeln, who also was in the camp and recognized her, Alenis and Kira arranged to meet to talk further near Elemspur. Kira never reached the meeting point, as she was captured by the Obsidian Order after having left the spaceport she arrived at. Alenis then alerted Deep Space 9 command. (DS9: "Second Skin")

Alenis Grem was played by actress Freyda Thomas.
In the script, where her occupation was stated, Alenis was described as " older, professorial Bajoran woman, someone more comfortable with books and data than people." From the same source, her name was pronounced as "uh-LEN-iss GREM" [1]
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