Alexandra was a Human child aboard the USS Enterprise-D in 2364, living with her mother Toya.

During 2364, Alexandra was one of several Enterprise-D children kidnapped by the Aldeans in an effort to re-populate their planet. She was taken from her quarters while her mother, watched her playing.

The youngest of the kidnapped children, Alexandra had little trouble adapting to her new surroundings and became attached to Rashella, who wished to keep her despite Alexandra being assigned to Aran and Zena's unit. Even so, it wasn't long before she became homesick for her mother.

Along with the rest of the children, Alexandra was eventually returned to the Enterprise-D where she presented Captain Picard with some flowers to thank him for securing their return. (TNG: "When The Bough Breaks")

Alexandra was played by twins Jessica Bova and Vanessa Bova.
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