Algae were a group of photosynthetic organisms living in water. Kelp buds were produced by algae.

The uniforms worn by Starfleet personnel in the 2260s were made from xenylon, a material which was made from processing a type of algae. Since those uniforms were organic in nature, they contracted along with the crew of the USS Enterprise, when exposed to spiroid epsilon waves in 2269. (TAS: "The Terratin Incident")

In 2269, the crew of the Enterprise was on a mission to the planet Argo, where they had to collect seawater and algae specimens. On Argo, algae were among the sea foliage the Aquans harvested for what they termed "edibles". (TAS: "The Ambergris Element")

In 2373, during their attempt to teach an infant Changeling how to shapeshift, Doctor Mora suggested that he and Odo expose the Changeling to simple lifeforms such as algae, fungi, and then invertebrates. (DS9: "The Begotten")

Slug-o-Cola was a Ferengi beverage that contained 43 percent live algae by 2374. (DS9: "Profit and Lace")

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