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Alice Sophia Eve (born 6 February 1982; age 40) is the actress who played an alternate Carol Marcus in the 2013 sequel Star Trek Into Darkness. Although the character was a civilian scientist in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, the version played by Eve is a science division Starfleet lieutenant serving aboard the USS Enterprise. [1]

She also recorded the audiobook of the film. [2] The 2013 virtual collectible card battle game Star Trek: Rivals is using a picture of her for card #83 Doctor C. Marcus.

In 2019, she appeared in a video advertisement promoting the mobile game Star Trek: Fleet Command, appearing as both herself and Carol Marcus.[3]

Personal and early career

Born in London, England, Eve made her screen acting debut in the BBC's biographical movie Hawking, in which Benedict Cumberbatch starred as Stephen Hawking. Eve and Cumberbatch later worked together in the 2006 comedy Starter for 10 before reuniting for Star Trek Into Darkness, in which Cumberbatch portrayed the primary antagonist. In the 2006 crime comedy Big Nothing, Eve co-starred opposite Simon Pegg, with whom she also reunited on Star Trek Into Darkness.

On New Year's Eve 2015, Eve married her fiancée Alex Cowper-Smith at the Brompton Oratory in London. Eve and Cowper-Smith had been engaged since August 2014. [4] [5]


Eve's first American-made film was the 2009 drama Crossing Over, in which she co-starred with Ashley Judd. The following year, Eve was seen in two major motion picture comedies: she had the female lead in She's Out of My League and a supporting role in Sex and the City 2. The latter film also featured Kim Cattrall and Willie Garson.

In 2011, Eve appeared on the HBO series Entourage in the recurring role of Sophia. Among the performers she worked with on this series were Melinda Clarke, Alan Dale and Malcolm McDowell. To date, Entourage has been her only foray into American television.

In 2012, Eve played the lead female role in the Edgar Allan Poe-influenced thriller The Raven and appeared as a young Agent O in the sci-fi comedy sequel Men in Black 3. The latter also featured appearances by Bill Hader, Marti Matulis and Keone Young. After the release of Star Trek Into Darkness, Eve and Chris Pine appeared in the video for Paul McCartney's single "Queenie Eye". [6]

Further credits include the drama Decoding Annie Parker (2013, with Spencer Garrett and Bob Gunton), the drama Some Velvet Morning (2013), the crime thriller Cold Comes the Night (2013, featuring Erin Cummings and co-written by Oz Perkins), and Chris Evans' romance Before We Go (2014). She also produced the 2013 drama Death of a Farmer, starring her parents Trevor Eve and Sharon Maughan. Eve had a small cameo role together with Hugh Jackman in the 2014 comedy sequel Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, with Bill Cobbs, Andrea Martin, and Rachael Harris.

Eve later co-starred in the film Please Stand By which was released in theaters and VOD in January of 2018. The film's premise revolved around the character of a young autistic Trek fan named Wendy who runs away in order for her to be able to submit a script for a Star Trek writer's competition. Of interest to note is that near the ending of the film, Eve's character Audrey appeared as the visual representation of James T. Kirk in an imaginary dream sequence.

Recent projects

Eve filmed the drama/comedy Dirty Weekend (2015) and completed filming on the action drama Criminal (2015). Most recently, she is filming the thriller Beyond Deceit (2016). Eve was cast FOX News anchor Ainsley Earhardt in the biopic Fair & Balanced about the sexual harassment scandal at the network costarring Spencer Garrett as Sean Hannity, Malcolm McDowell as FOX News founder Rupert Murdoch and Anne Elizabeth Ramsay as Greta Van Susteran.

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