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Alison Ebbert (born 15 April 1976; age 43) is an actress who appeared as an alien nightclub patron in the Star Trek: Enterprise first season episode "Two Days and Two Nights". She received no credit for this appearance and was identified by the call sheet. Ebbert filmed her scenes on Wednesday 27 March 2002 on Paramount Stage 9 and is listed as "3F Alien" on the call sheet.

Ebbert was born in Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA. Following her marriage, she is also known as Alison Ebbert Slater.

Beside her work on Star Trek, Ebbert was featured in episodes of The District (2000, with Roger Aaron Brown, Marco Rodriguez, Victor Brandt, and Fritz Sperberg), Jack & Jill (2001, with Ted Rooney), and Charmed (2004, with James Read and Claire Rankin). Film work includes the comedy Joe Dirt (2001, with Hamilton Camp, Brian Thompson, Steve Schirripa, Richard Riehle, and Adam Lieberman) and the comedy Full Frontal (2002, with Joe Chrest, Wayne Pere, and Patrick Fischler) as well as stand-in work for Julia Stiles on the romance Carolina (2003, with Whitney Hall) and stand-in work on the crime thriller Already Dead (2007, with Patrick Kilpatrick, Christopher Plummer, and Sven Lindstrom).

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