For the tether carriage named after this individual, please see Alixia (carriage).

Alixia was a Talaxian female and Neelix' favorite sister. She and Neelix grew up on Rinax, a moon of Talax. Alixia and Neelix were very close and spent many hours together. They explored the Caves of Touth and the equatorial dust shrouds, and hunted arctic spiders together. During her expedition to the Dunes of Talmouth Alixia made a necklace, which Neelix later treasured. (VOY: "Rise", "Mortal Coil")

Presuming that Alixia was a full sibling of Neelix, it would have made her 7/8 Talaxian and 1/8 Mylean, as he was.

Alixia died in the war with the Haakonian Order around 2356. She, along with the rest of her family, were killed on Rinax by the metreon cascade. (VOY: "Jetrel")

When he was struck by an energy blast and killed only to be saved by Seven's nanoprobes, he questioned his belief in the afterlife. Chakotay helped him complete a vision quest, during which he met Alixia. He at first saw her at a party on USS Voyager, then followed her to the Great Forest, the afterlife for Talaxians. Neelix told her that when he died, he looked for her but did not see her. Alixia told him that the afterlife was a lie, a made-up place invented because Talaxians feared death. She told him that there was no point to life, and she dissolved into a corpse in front of him. This vision was probably just an expression of his anxiety over his beliefs. (VOY: "Mortal Coil")

Years after her death, Neelix still composed letters to Alixia, under file index 291 in his personal database. (VOY: "Once Upon a Time") On a mission with Tuvok and foreign scientists attempting to flee a planet barraged by artificial asteroids, Neelix had to take command of an orbital tether carriage. Neelix honored the tradition of naming ships and he named the transport in honor of Alixia. Later, when Neelix had suffered a concussion and was having trouble concentrating to maintain the cohesion of the carriage, Tuvok told him to "Do it for Alixia." (VOY: "Rise")

Background information

Alixia was played by Robin Stapler.

In a deleted scene cut from the final draft of VOY: "Friendship One", Neelix was shown in the middle of describing his day. As he finishes, the script notes stated: "He gets under the covers and picks up a small framed photograph of his sister Alixia (as seen in "Mortal Coil") from a nightstand." He then tells her goodnight and tells her to have pleasant dreams.

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