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Alixus was a Human who believed that Humanity had lost its way to technology. With the help of like-minded, influential scientists on Earth, she had designed a duonetic field-device, capable of rendering any other nearby technology inoperable.

Alixus was a prolific author who spent her life studying the Human condition. She wrote and printed books on economic analysis, political commentaries, and literary critiques. In her opinion, Humans had become fat, lazy, and dull. In one of her books, she wrote, "The common conceit that the Human species has evolved over the last several centuries is ludicrous. What gains we have made have come at the cost of our own core identities. Man has lost touch with his true power."

In the 2350s, she and her son Vinod boarded the colony ship SS Santa Maria, which would carry settlers to Gemulon V. In the Orellius system, she secretly activated the duonetic field, causing the failure of the life support system and forcing the ship into crash landing on a remote planet she previously selected as the perfect site for her technology-free colony.

At first Alixus led her fellow "castaways" to believe that the dampening field was a natural feature of the planet. The first years of the settlement were very hard, and, lacking any life-saving technology, several colonists died. However, when Starfleet officers Benjamin Sisko and Miles O'Brien were stranded on the planet in 2370, they discovered her deception and revealed it to the rest of her community. In her plot to trap the two Starfleet officers she hijacked the USS Rio Grande and sent it on a collision course with the sun, but the trajectory was off and the vessel ended up in Sector 401 where it was rescued by Kira and Dax. Alixus and her son were taken into custody as they had to answer for willingly letting people die for her theories. Although the duonetic field-device was de-activated, the colonists ultimately decided to continue pursuing their non-technological lifestyle. (DS9: "Paradise")


Background information[]

Alixus was played by Gail Strickland.

In the script, Alixus was described as "...a handsome, happy-eyed, smiling, glowingly charismatic woman, about fifty." From the same source, her name was pronounced as "ahl-IHK-suhs". [1]

Some contemporary episode advertisements mistakenly described Alixus as "an Alien leader." (The Deep Space Log Book: A Second Season Companion, p. 35)

In many ways the lifestyle sought by Alixus followed the footsteps of the 22nd century Neo-Transcendentalist movement, that lead some groups, including the Bringloidi, to establish non-technology-based colonies. (TNG: "Up The Long Ladder")

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