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All About Trivia: Star Trek is a Star Trek-themed trivia game with materiel specifically based on Star Trek: The Original Series and the first six feature films, although the game was released by Fundex Games in 2008.

Game componentsEdit

  • 1 Game Board
  • 1 standard six-sided die
  • 6 plastic game tokens (red, yellow, green, blue, black and white)
  • 200 Trivia Question Cards, with 1,000 total questions & answers
  • 18 "Communicator Cards"
  • Instructions

Game playEdit

Players start on the "Starfleet Academy" space at the start of the "Ensign" row of the board. They move via roll of the die and answer a question in one of five color-coded categories:

  • Blue: Captain's Log
  • Green: On The Bridge
  • Red: Strange New Worlds
  • Yellow: Tools & Technology
  • White: Quotes

A correct answer allows the player to roll again and continue playing. Wrong answers pass the turn to the next player.

In addition, the board includes special silver "Warp Speed" spaces, which allow a player to answer all five questions on a given card. Each correct answer moves the player ahead one space.

Players also start the game with three Communicator Cards. If a player gets a question they feel is too tough to answer, they can turn in one of the Communicator Cards to discard that question and receive a new question in the same category, but from another card. NOTE: Communicator cards cannot be used if the player is on a "Warp Speed" space or the "USS Enterprise" space (see below).

Players progress along the board's additional three rows: "Lieutenant", "Commander" and "Captain" to try and reach the "USS Enterprise" space at the end of the "Captain" row, where they must answer one more question in a category agreed upon by the other opponents to win the game.

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