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This page contains information regarding Star Trek: Discovery, and thus may contain spoilers.

Tilly and Adira lead a team of Starfleet Academy cadets on a training mission that takes a dangerous turn. Meanwhile, Burnham is pulled into tense negotiations on Ni'Var.


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2258; 40 Eridani A; activist; Agreement; alliance; analysis; armistice; Armstrong, USS; Astrometrics; auxiliary system; Ba'ul; Bajor; briefing room; Burn, The; Burnham, Gabrielle; cadet; captain's chair; card shark; Cardassian; cave; Cesar; Cho; citizen; Class L; Class M; coalition; colony; comfort zone; creature; crustacean; Culber's counsins; day; desert moon; diplomat; DMA; DOT-23; Dr.; Earth; Eisenberg-class; electrical storm; Emancipation Bill; Emerald Chain; Emerald Chain territory; emergency distress beacon; emergency kit; emergency ration; emotion; Enterprise NX-01; exit clause; eye; Federation; Federation Diplomatic Corps; Federation Headquarters; Federation Task Force; Fickett, Patrick; finger; food replicator; forward lounge; frequency; friend; Friendship-class; funeral; gamma-ray burst; generation ship; Geryon; Gorev's parents; Gorev's grandmother; gravitational anomaly; Great Storms of Naillem'kwai; grief; hand; Harral, Bashorat; hell; helm; holoPADD; holo simulation; host; hour; Humanity; ice moon; Imahara; index finger; individual; isolationism; J'Vini; jellyfish; Kaminar; Kelpien; Kelpien tea; kilometer; Kokytos; Kwei'tholum'Kwei; Kwejian (planet); Kwejian (species); lifeform; life support system; logic; Malindian stomach worm; Mameckx'sha River; mandala; Mars-class; medicine; meditation; meter; methane; Milky Way Galaxy; mind meld; mission; monster; month; moon; Moore; mutineer; negotiation; Ni'Var; Ni'Var Science Institute; Noble, USS; nun; orbit; order; Pella system; phaser; Pijar; pilot; poker; political prisoner; politics; programmable matter; protective shielding; proximity scan; public address system; Qowat Milat; raiding party; representative; ridge; Rigelian rutabaga; Romulan; sand; second; sensor; Siobhan; sleeping; soup; Spanish language; species; spider lightning; Starfleet; Starfleet Academy; storm; stress; summit; survey mission; survival training; Tal; Tal, Jovar; Tal, Kasha; tea; teacher; team building; therapy; Theta Helios; thought; thresh-tor kashek; thumb; Titan; training exercise (training mission); tricorder; Tuli Forests; Tuscadian Pyrosome; UFP02; UFP05 (Shuttle 5); UFP11 (Shuttlecraft 11); UFP02 shuttlecraft-type; utility kit; valley; Vulcan; Vulcan purists; warp; week; worker bee (23rd century); worker bee (32nd century) ; wound; year; zhian'tal; Zora

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