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Time travels sourcebook.

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From the back cover
Back to the future…
… ahead to the past…
… sideways to today!
From the ancient humanoids of four billion B.C. to the Kelvan Invasion of the 123rd century, all time stands open before you. All Our Yesterdays is the complete guide to time travel in the world of Star Trek roleplaying, covering everything from time travel techniques such as the slingshot effect and Borg temporal vortices to the rifts in space-time which snare unwary travelers. Overlays and organizational details make members of the Department of Temporal Investigations and other transtemporal characters ready to play. There's a chronology of the Star Trek universe, guides for Narrating time travel episodes and avoiding (or inviting) temporal paradox, 29th century Federation Timeships and fearsome Borg spheres, and teasers for episodes stretched all across the galaxy and throughout its history.
Cross your 23rd century Star Trek Roleplaying Game characters over into your Next Generation or Deep Space Nine series (or vice versa), or run a pure time travel series. The first of our Expanded Universe sourcebooks combines the entire cosmos of Star Trek roleplaying opportunities. This book includes:
  • Eight episode seeds, three series seeds for Expanded Universe play, and nine parallel histories accessible by subspace rift or Romulan treachery.
  • Directives (including the Temporal Prime Directive), guidelines, mission types, technology, history, and organization for the Department of Temporal Investigations – enough information to run an entire DTI series.
  • Four new overlays and eight new DTI Tours of Duty, plus early life background history packages, new advantages and disadvantages, new and expanded life skills (including psionic skills) for time travel, and more.
  • Seven new ships and five new alien species descriptions (including the Krenim, the Travelers, and an expanded Devidian description).
When time flies, you're having fun! Get started now with All Our Yesterdays: The Time Travel Sourcebook!

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Contents Edit

All Our Yesterdays is a sourcebook for the Last Unicorn Games Star Trek RPG.

  • Introduction
  • Temporal Physics
  • Parallels
  • A History of Time Travel
  • The Department of Temporal Investigations
  • DTI Characters
  • Others in Time
  • Timeships
  • Narrating Time Travel

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Starships Edit

Epoch-class timeship
  • USS Aeon
  • USS Baktun
  • USS Century
  • USS Epoch
  • USS Eternity
  • USS Generation
  • USS Kapla
  • USS Millennium
Thucydides-class timeship
Originating in the 2370s, under the command of the Department of Temporal Investigations.
  • DTI Thucydides
  • DTI Durant
  • DTI Herodotus
  • DTI Livy (lost)
Wells (Polarity) class timeship
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