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The USS Enterprise crew comes face-to-face with their demons – and scary monsters too – when their landing party is stranded on a barren planet with a ravenous enemy.



"Cadet's personal log, stardate 2510.6. My assignment to Enterprise is over. After we complete our current mission delivering vidium power cells to Deep Space Station K-7, I go back to Earth. I'm excited to see my grandmother. Our last call was cut short. Life on a starship has a way of taking over. I've rotated through almost every department. So many amazing, talented people. The top everyone of everything. They all know why they belong in Starfleet. For them, Starfleet has always been the destination. For me, it was where I ran to after the loss of my parents. Serving aboard Enterprise is an affirmation of this entire crew's hopes and dreams. I envy their surety. But me? I guess I'm still searching." - Cadet Nyota Uhura.

Captain Pike addresses a gathering of the crew in his quarters for "the big send-off", congratulating Cadets Chia and Uhura for completing their training rotation on the Enterprise. He commends them both as exemplary members of the crew, both dedicated and hard-working. They had seen and survived some things together, and were bonded "now and forever" in the Starfleet family. He then calls Ensign Duke front and center, where he receives a promotion to lieutenant, Una handing him his new insignia.

Uhura keeps her distance from the gathering, and Lieutenant Ortegas notices how after all the time she had been on the ship, Uhura still shied away from the crowd. Uhura admits she hates goodbyes. Pike approaches, asking if she hasn't decided to stay on yet, letting her know that the Enterprise would always have a place for her. Just then, Spock calls from the bridge to inform the captain that there was an incoming priority one mission from Starfleet Command. Una is confused by this, as she thought they were already on a priority one mission. Pike asks where La'an is, and Una explains she couldn't make it due to scheduled personal health time. The captain decides to catch her up later, and asks for science and medical to be assembled for the incoming briefing.

Later, Pike is cleaning up after the party, while Una insists they had to send someone else. Pike replies that it was not someone else's mission. La'an enters, having been speaking with Starfleet psychiatrist Dr. Sanchez, whom she dismisses as a "head-shrinker". Spock and Dr. M'Benga are also present. Spock explains that four days earlier, the USS Peregrine activated its distress beacon before losing contact. Pike hands over his apron and dishwashing duties to Spock and hands La'an a plate, having saved it for her. La'an replies she is not hungry, but Una insists she try the omelette and the bacon ("And the waffle," M'Benga pipes up). Pike goes on to say that the Peregrine's message took two days to reach Starfleet, and it took another two for the news to reach the Enterprise. La'an then thinks (while enthusing over Pike's cooking, as the others had promised) that there was a possibility, however slim, that they still may make contact. The Peregrine had been making an unscheduled landing on a Class L planet, Valeo Beta V, at the time of transmission; the ship made its descent, but the beacon went out in mid-transmission. La'an speculates the Peregrine may have been destroyed on impact, but Spock expresses the belief that the planet's interference is blocking the signal, with charged nitrate ions in its upper atmosphere. The planet was a known "dead zone", with no communications or transporter signals reaching the surface. La'an notes that the Peregrine is a Sombra-class ship; M'Benga recalls serving on one before, and that it used the same parts as a Constitution-class. The Peregrine had gone off the grid exploring uncharted sectors; Pike's orders from Starfleet were to rescue the crew and, if at all possible, retrieve the ship. La'an asks about their current mission to K-7; without the power cells, the station's systems would go dark, including life support. Vidium cells also decayed on transport, and the nearest ship that could take them was a week away, a timeframe that would render them useless. La'an suggests sending a landing party to Valeo Beta V while the Enterprise continued with its cargo to K-7. Una is concerned about the risks, and Pike is well aware the planet was a dead zone, but he had absolute faith in the crew. Pike intends to oversee the mission personally, taking the cadets on one last away mission with the senior officers, while Una took the Enterprise to K-7.

Shuttles on Valeo Beta V

The away team lands on Valeo Beta V

Two shuttles fly through the atmosphere of the snow-covered planet; geothermal anomalies force them to land several kilometers from the Peregrine. Spock admonishes the crew to act quickly, as an ice storm would come through that area in approximately six hours. His team consists of Lieutenants Kirk and Duke, Nurse Chapel, Cadets Chia and Uhura, and Hemmer, who revels in the cold wind, saying it felt like his homeworld of Andoria. Duke asks if the anomalies were what was affecting their comms, and Spock tells him (using his old rank of ensign) that it was the ionic interference in the atmosphere. Kirk chuckles, saying Spock owed Duke a drink; Chapel reminds him that Duke was a lieutenant now, and by calling him by his old rank he owed Duke a drink, saying it was a Starfleet tradition. Spock is bemused at learning of another Human drinking game, asking if their number had any limit. "Nope!" is Kirk's cheerful reply.

La'an is on point for Pike and M'Benga; the doctor's scans indicate the Peregrine landed in a chasm, and he has detected no life signs due to the interference. "Captain, might not be a scanning problem," La'an reports, as she finds a bloodied corpse buried in the snow.

Act One[]

As the landing party opens the airlocks into the ship, the ice quickly begins to form in the corridors. They discover more signs of blood, while Pike brings the lights back on. Spock reports that bridge controls were completely offline, their functions routed to engineering. Hemmer finds plasma in the circuits, thinking the crew used the warp core for emergency power because the backup generators were down; Uhura reports the matter-antimatter reactor was "busted", and environmental systems were down to twenty percent. Pike is pleased to see he brought the right people for the job, and asks Hemmer if he could get power back up. Hemmer thinks he can, but would have to work from engineering, and asks Spock to get the bridge controls back up. La'an has conducted her sweep and reports it is "grim", having found twenty confirmed casualties, including the Peregrine's captain, Alice Gavin. The Peregrine had a full crew of ninety-nine. M'Benga has determined that most died of hypothermia, their environmental suits shredded by the elements, and La'an adds that some of the bodies were picked apart, possibly by local wildlife. The doctor speculates that they went outside, got caught in a storm, and couldn't back their way back to the ship. Pike orders his team to recover the ship's logs.

Kirk and Chapel continue their survey of the outside. Kirk remarks on how the place would be "pretty damn creepy" at night, and Chapel thinks it already creepy now. Chia calls for Kirk, as she and Duke have found something. They can only stare in horror. "What the hell did this?" Kirk asks as he surveys the grisly scene – several members of the crew torn apart, their heads, body parts, and weapons strewn across the landscape.

Uhura brings up the ship's log, but is only able to get audio. The log entry is by Captain Gavin, reporting that the Peregrine was mapping non-Federation space when they picked up three castaways on a class M planet: a Human girl, a humanoid of unknown origin, and an Orion named Pasko. They soon discovered that Pasko was infected with Gorn eggs, and the ship's biofilters didn't pick them up. But Pasko knew, and set off a plasma grenade in engineering to try to end it. The system sent an automatic distress call as a result of the explosion, but Gavin noted in her log that if she could reach Starfleet, she would tell them to stay away and not come to the planet. Pike has Spock and M'Benga gather the rest of the crew. Knowing of La'an's past experience, he asks what she wants to do. La'an admits she wants to kill the Gorn, but would settle for finding any survivors and getting off the planet. Uhura brings up internal sensors and detects two life signs on deck five, one Human, one unknown. Pike has Hemmer work to get back what systems he can, while he, La'an, and Uhura investigate the interior of the ship.

As they investigate the wrecked corridors of the Peregrine, Pike discovers another body, badly mangled. Uhura is shaken on seeing this, but quickly hurries to catch up to the captain and La'an. Reaching an open doorway, they hear clattering noises within, and see the shadow of movement in what appears to be firelight coming from the room. As they approach, a blue-skinned humanoid steps through the door, menacing them with some kind of stun stick, and speaking a language the universal translator is not picking up. La'an tells Uhura to "do something", but the cadet protests that it was not how linguistics worked. Then she remembers there had been two life signs detected, meaning the stranger was protecting someone, and urges Pike and La'an to lower their weapons. Both do so – Pike immediately, La'an reluctantly – as they follow the stranger inside, where they find the Human girl mentioned in Gavin's log.

In the blood-stained sickbay, Spock asks for supplies to treat a burn wound. Chapel notes that Spock appears to be fine, but he clarifies that it was for Duke, who did not take potential instabilities into account while climbing through a Jefferies tube. He does not see the logic in Duke asking him to go for medical supplies instead of coming to seek treatment himself. Chapel replies that he made rank and is "acting tough". Spock notes the "flawed Human emotion" of pride, and is glad for the teachings of Surak to get past such things, as there was no pride in logic. Chapel recalls hearing that Vulcans had a "hidden primal nature", and Spock concedes that Vulcan emotion is dangerous without proper mindfulness, but they used logic to not succumb to anger. "It's good to get mad sometimes," Chapel says as she hands him the supplies.

Working to restore power, Uhura remarks on how she will miss Hemmer when she leaves. Hemmer thinks that "nonsense", as people had a tendency to come back around in Starfleet. Uhura is not so sure, recalling during their mission to Finibus III when they had talked about their life paths, and she hadn't been able to answer. She had asked herself why she didn't have an answer, and realized she had just been drifting, and it was time to stop coasting. Hemmer asks if she considers serving in Starfleet to be "coasting", and she admits she doesn't know. She has no idea where she will end up, but at least she's not afraid to face it alone. Hemmer finds that interesting, as he never considered her to fear being alone – indeed, quite the opposite. He thinks she enjoys making friends when she wants to, but deep down that scared her, as her real fear was putting down roots. He understands that it was better to leave than be the one left behind, but feels that was wrong. He firmly tells her that creating bonds was a gift, and that while the people she cared about would cause her pain, the love it yielded will far outweigh the sorrow.

Back in sickbay, M'Benga and Chapel examine the castaways. The girl identifies herself as Oriana, while she refers to her companion as "Buckley". She asks if they were getting out of there. La'an enters, stern and cold, wanting to be absolutely sure that neither of them are infected with Gorn eggs. M'Benga tells her twice that he had conducted thorough scans, but La'an is not satisfied, harshly asking Oriana if either she or Buckley were infected, and why they didn't say anything about the eggs when they were brought onboard. M'Benga shuts her down and tells her to leave his "daughter" alone, before he realizes what he said and corrects that to "patient", telling her to be "useful" somewhere else.

In the CMO's office, Pike has conducted scans and has determined the ship was clean; what happened outside seemed to be the end of it. La'an sees that Oriana was reported missing two years earlier, and thinks the three castaways were survivors of a breeding planet. The Gorn only harvest their young sporadically, so whatever was born on the Peregrine was likely alone. However, she warns him not to take comfort in that, as they were equally lethal on the ground. Though comms were still down, Pike knows they can still do a security sweep. M'Benga enters as Pike leaves, remarking on how a soprano could sing an E minor, and people associated a feeling. However, it was not about the melody, but how one's own reflections made it emotional. La'an insists she was not being emotional, but M'Benga was referring to himself, having called Oriana his daughter (thinking on the recent departure of Rukiya). He points out that Oriana was in a place few people could understand, and that like La'an, she had a chance to grow beyond the pain twisting up inside her. La'an admits that there was no "magic button" to press – one simply survived. "She just needs someone to help her see the light," M'Benga replies.

Phaser at the ready, Spock sweeps the deck when he hears something moving. Walking through a nearby door, he finds a trail of blood across the floor, following it to a tear through the hull leading outside, the wind howling into it. As he kneels to investigate, he jumps as a hand touches his shoulder – Pike, with M'Benga right behind him. The doctor is amused that Spock was so jumpy, and takes the supplies intended for Duke. Spock continues to look worriedly around the corridor.

In sickbay, Buckley has severely labored breathing and an elevated heart rate. Chapel notes unusual reddish vein-like protrusions across his body. Seeing his distressed state, Oriana knows what is coming, and quickly hides behind the nearby wall, putting her hands over her mouth to cover her breathing. While Chia is working under the biobed to calibrate it for a physical, Buckley begins screaming in agony as a creature begins to burst from his skin – a Gorn hatchling. As Chia calls for Chapel, the hatchling leaps out and slashes right through the cadet's throat, killing her instantly. Chapel returns in horror to find Chia's twitching body on the floor, as more hatchlings erupt from Buckley's corpse.

Act Two[]

As the hatchlings run through the sickbay, Chapel quickly leaps up onto a biobed and activates the containment field.

Meanwhile, M'Benga treats Duke's burn wound, Kirk remarking on how "lucky" he was, as the conduits in the Jefferies tube had a full current. The doctor concurs, saying he could be amputating. Duke laments on how he nearly loses an arm in his first mission as a lieutenant, but Pike assures him that such things could happen. Just then, two hatchlings leap from the Jefferies tube and tear into Duke. Pike calls for Kirk to hold him so he can shoot them off without hitting the lieutenant, but it is too late, as he is dragged, bloody and screaming, down the corridor. Even Spock is shaken by the attack, and Pike grimly tells them to inform the rest of the crew immediately.

In sickbay, Chapel urgently whispers for Oriana, as she deactivates the shield and gingerly makes her way across the room. She is startled by movement behind her, only to find La'an there. The security chief takes in the grisly scene with a dispassionate eye, noting four hatchlings coming out of Buckley's body, with one dead. They would mature rapidly, then fight for dominance. Communications were still down, and the bioscans show the landing party, but no sign of the Gorn, meaning they could hide from sensors. La'an hands Chapel her phaser and tells her to watch the ceilings, and to shoot anything that moves. As she takes up another phaser for herself, La'an searches for Oriana, starting with where they found her. They soon discover Oriana hiding behind a crate. Chapel assures Oriana they were there to keep her safe, but La'an points out that she was safe; she knows how Gorn hate cold, and this was the coldest place on the ship. La'an would have hidden in such a place herself in that position. Oriana remembers how "people before" – the crew of the Peregrine– had tricked the Gorn into going outside, but now the Gorn had returned. She is convinced if they leave that room, they will die. La'an remembers her own experience on the Gorn breeding planet and how her brother Manu had told her to run. She tells Oriana that her brother died in the same way Buckley did, and knew what it was like to watch the Gorn hurt the people she loved, but now here she was. Her job was to keep the people she came with safe, and believes the crew could do anything, even defeat the Gorn. "There's surviving, and then there's living," she says, recalling what Pike had told her when she first came aboard.

In engineering, Hemmer and Uhura have completed their repairs, with the cadet marking it a victory for "Team Hemhura". Hemmer allows Uhura to do the honors, and she brings the power back up. As an alarm sounds, they hear movement. Hemmer is uncertain what it is, but he is able to smell Human blood.

In sickbay, Pike is glad to see Hemmer has made progress as the power comes back up. Kirk expresses the belief that if they stayed inside the ship, they would be "lizard chow", and thinks they should make a run for the shuttles. Spock notes the ice storm would have just begun, making it unsafe to leave the ship. Kirk angrily points out that it wasn't safe inside the ship either, but sarcastically notes they could die "nice and warm". M'Benga quietly suggests giving him a sedative, but Pike knows Kirk is stronger than he looks, and plus he needed everyone alert. Spock is able to access internal comms, and Pike orders a shipwide channel, informing the others to regroup in sickbay.

Gorn hatchling

A Gorn hatchling on the hunt

Back in engineering, one of the Gorn hatchlings leaps through, only to be killed and devoured by one of the others, now much larger. Uhura tells Hemmer to make a run for it. Hemmer senses the Gorn looking towards Uhura, and pushes her out of the way as it spits, taking the brunt of the attack himself. A phaser shot from La'an narrowly misses the Gorn, which retreats.

Act Three[]

M'Benga consults the Peregrine's medical logs, showing a post-mortem on one of the Gorn. Spock notes the Gorn's genetic makeup allowed them to hide from their sensors, which was why M'Benga had not detected the eggs inside Buckley. Pike asks if there was anything from Buckley's bioscans they could use, but M'Benga isn't even sure what species he was. However, he does know the incubation cycle of the Gorn depended on the species; with Orions it took weeks, Humans days. Spock also notes the ducts in the Gorn's mouth that could expel venom. Hemmer enters at that moment, confirming this, and saying it burned "quite tremendously". Spock thinks it a method to blind their prey, something that made the naturally-blind Aenar "not the best target". Pike knows Hemmer has rules about telepathy, but wonders if that applied to an enemy trying to eat them. Hemmer says if he could, he would, but the Gorn had a psychic barrier to his abilities; he couldn't sense them at all. Spock considers this "impressive", much like their genetic coding. Kirk is incensed by Spock's analytical observations, reminding him that it had killed Duke right in front of him, asking if that hit him at all, or if he was just some kind of "pointy-eared computer". Pike puts an end to the argument and tries to focus them back on the mission.

Hemmer reports that the navigation systems were the only thing left to restore, meaning their mission was more or less complete. All that was left now was dealing with the Gorn, and Pike asks La'an for a tactical analysis. She notes the hatchlings have begun molting, but were not fully mature yet. With two left, they would be the strongest, the smartest, and extremely hostile to each other. She is emphatic that no matter what, they had to kill the hatchlings now, as they had no chance even against just one adult. Pike sees the crew's ability to work together as an advantage. M'Benga points out that the younglings were too fast to hunt, so they needed to create a choke point to trap them. La'an knows they are intelligent even at that stage, so a simple trap wouldn't fool them. Chapel asks how they were supposed to hunt them, and Uhura suggests that they had to make the Gorn come to them. Both La'an and Spock concur, the latter calling it "very logical". La'an knows the Gorn are drawn to aggressive behavior, and can't resist a challenge. "Great, now we're bait," Kirk grumbles. The Gorn avoid the cold, so La'an suggests using the environmental controls to draw the Gorn to where they wanted them. Pike approves, and puts the crew to work.

Pike and M'Benga, the latter with Oriana on his back, enter the Peregrine's bridge, the doctor depositing his patient in the captain's chair. Pike uses his command codes to take control of the ship's systems, where he would "quarterback" the operation from the bridge. The temperature begins to decrease across the ship, except for a "warm oasis" in one of the cargo bays, where Spock and Hemmer are waiting. Spock asks if Hemmer is okay with what he must do. Hemmer is emphatic that he will not be the one to kill the Gorn, but will do what he must to protect the lives of the crew. Elsewhere, Chapel asks if La'an is alright, and the security chief replies there was nothing else she wanted to do than fight against the Gorn. In a corridor near the transporter room, Uhura reports "game on", as one of the Gorn spots her. She fires off a shot to attract its attention and breaks into a run. Pike monitors her progress, and blasts cold air into the transporter room, just as Kirk seals the door. Kirk remarks how Uhura really was "good at everything" as they retreat.

Pike detects it going into the vent system, and warns Spock, who is armed with Buckley's stun stick. He lets loose several bursts to try and get its attention, but it does not respond. La'an urges him to "make it angry". He thinks of seeing Duke being pulled screaming down the corridor. "The rage in my thoughts, I let into my heart," he intones to himself, then begins shouting in fury as he blasts through the vent coverings to get its attention. Pike picks up the sound of two of them, and Hemmer warns that they were trying to box Spock in. Blinded by rage, Spock is pulled inside before the door is closed and grabs Kirk by the collar, before returning to lucidity. Trapped, the two Gorn begin turning on each other. Once they're done, La'an tells them, only one, the alpha, will be left; once it was dead, they could go home. She tells Hemmer she is coming his way, and steps back into the corridor.

Tossing aside her phaser, La'an begins shouting a challenge to the Gorn, saying she was unarmed, and demanding that it come out and fight her. The Gorn begins charging at her, and La'an breaks off running towards the cargo bay. Hemmer has secured himself in one of the cargo pods, while La'an leaps into another and closes the hatch. As the Gorn tries to break through the glass door, she shouts at Hemmer to act, and the chief engineer activates the environmental protocol, blasting the Gorn with super-cold air.

Act Four[]

La'an emerges from the ice-encased pod and finds the Gorn frozen solid. Screaming in rage, she picks up an iron bar from the deck and smashes the frozen Gorn, killing it. The crew is glad to hear the news that it was over, as Hemmer emerges from the pod a moment later, looking much the worse for wear. La'an realizes it was not over, and so does Hemmer, who says he is going to go outside for a moment. While he was not able to sense them, Hemmer knew his own body well enough, and knows he has been infested with Gorn eggs. La'an knows that the spit that hit him was more than just venom – it was how they reproduced. Chapel calls for Pike to open the door, but the captain is unable to do so; Hemmer has overridden the door controls to prevent anyone from stopping him. M'Benga and Chapel plead with him to let them extract the eggs or slow the growth process, but Hemmer knows it has already started, and they all knew what was coming. Pike also urges him to reconsider, but Hemmer replies that his sacrifice would allow him to preserve the lives of the crew. Spock quietly calls it a "logical conclusion", and Hemmer raises his hand in the Vulcan salute, telling his friend to "live long and prosper". Uhura now adds her voice to those begging him to reconsider. Hemmer offers her one last piece of advice: "Open yourself. Make a home for yourself amongst others, and you will find joy more often than sadness." He tells her not to weep for him, as he's had a good life, but it was time for him to go.

As they are all forced to watch, Hemmer steps outside of the cargo bay's force field, reveling one last time in the familiar cold. "Just like Andoria," he says, as he turns… and then steps backward off the edge, down into the chasm.

Later, the Enterprise leaves orbit of Valeo Beta V, the battered Peregrine in tow, as a memorial service is held for the three lost crewmen. Ortegas remarks on how she hated funerals, and that if Hemmer were there, he would remind them it was a celebration: "Exalt the fallen, and commit them to the cosmos." Then he would have scolded Ortegas for pushing the engines too hard, and she would call him a "blue meanie", and they'd laugh… and it wouldn't have felt like a funeral. She calls him the best engineer she ever served with. Uhura admits she never told Hemmer this, but he reminded her of her father, always pushing her to see things from a new perspective. As she speaks, Chapel sees Spock's hands clenching into fists, trying to control his emotions. "The people you love the most can cause you the most pain, but it's the people you love that can mend your heart when you feel broken," Uhura says, adding that this was what Hemmer's purpose was: to fix what was broken… and he did. Spock abruptly leaves, and Chapel follows.

Chapel sees Spock punch one of the walls of the corridor, badly denting it. When she tries to get him to tell her what is wrong, he warns her not to follow him, and when she tries to stop him, he grasps her wrist before realizing what he was doing. He admits he has let out his rage and pain, and cannot control it, saying his mind was weak. Chapel disagrees, saying it did not make him weak, it made him Human, as she hugs him. They look into one another's eyes for a moment, before Spock walks away.

In Pike's quarters, La'an reports she has found a lead on Oriana's family, one that she admits is weak, and is also outside Federation space. Pike can see she wants to pursue it anyway. La'an admits she knows what it was like to be alone, and wants to help if there was anyone out there looking for her. Pike warns her that a mission like that took time. La'an formally requests a leave of absence, saying he could decommission her if he wanted, but she felt she had to go where the clues took her. Pike not-quite-jokingly asks if it would have made a difference if he said no, but assures her he will square it with Starfleet. Regardless of how long it took, however, he asks her to return. She addresses him first by rank, then as "Chris", before thanking him for everything.

Uhura takes one last look around the bridge, her eyes lingering for a moment on the communications station.

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2247; Antares-class; Betteen colonies; Gallough; Machalka; Meslah V; Meslah Population Relocation Project; volcano

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