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The crew answers a distress call to find a colony trapped in Starfleet's past.


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Act One[]

On the Dauntless, Vice Admiral Kathryn Janeway calmly interrogates the still amnesiac Diviner, who struggles to remember any of the events that caused his memory loss.

The Protostar crew answers a distress call emanating from a seemingly pre-warp planet. Beaming down, they encounter two men calling themselves James'T and Sool'U who welcome the "Star-Flight" crew. The men, who call themselves Enderprizians take the crew to their colony New Enda-Prize and "play them the logs." Through a stage play, the crew learns that long ago, the crew of the USS Enterprise saw a danger on their planet but were forbidden to intervene. Ensign David  Garrovick, called En Son by the natives, volunteered to go to the planet. Unfortunately, his shuttle crashed in the woods. Injured and stranded on the planet, Garrovick went to the village and warned the natives of a deadly evil in the woods known as "the Gallows". En Son told the natives that Starfleet would return one day and rid them of the evil.

Dal is skeptical, but then a girl stumbles out of the woods, ill from the curse of the Gallows.

Act Two[]

When both a young native, Huur'A and Dal fall ill, Zero stays behind to help Doctor Boons tend to them while Gwyn, Rok-Tahk and Jankom go into the woods to investigate the "curse" of The Gallows. They discover that The Gallows is actually the crashed Galileo which has been leaking plasma for over a century. That plasma has been interacting with native dilithium, resulting in a toxic run-off which has been contaminating the land. This information is enough to synthesize a cure to the illness plaguing the village. However, due to subspatial interference from the explosive reaction and a cave collapse, part of the crew is trapped in the cave and unable to radio the information or call for help. Jankom realizes the Galileo is equipped with duotronic comm relays that could punch through the interference and he bravely leaps aboard.

Act Three[]

From aboard the Galileo, Jankom manages to send an emergency transmission using the Galilieo's comm system. Hologram Janeway relays that the subspatial intereference will prevent them from beaming them out unless the Protostar is at close range, which would knock out autocontrols and Janeway's higher level functions. Realizing they would need to manually fly into the cavern but are down several crew members, Dal realizes they can ask the locals for help. He beams a few Enderprizians aboard the Protostar, who are astonished at the advanced controls. Dal asks if they have anything more "old school", and Janeway uses the Protostar's holo-emitters to create an console overlay that resembles that of a 23rd century Constitution class starship. Familiar with the controls taught to them by En-Son, the newly conscripted Protostar crew is able to rescue Jankom, Rok-Tahk and Gwyn and rid the planet of "the curse" when the Galileo falls into the pit they seal, thus eliminating the toxic run-off. As they do so, the Galileo broadcasts its final transmission, revealed to have been sent by Ensign David Garrovick of the USS Enterprise when he was stranded there over a century ago. He tried to warn the locals of the danger, but was surprised when they welcomed and healed him and eagerly learned the ways of Starfleet from him.

As they depart, Dal gives a final captain's log where he notes that given the rules of second contact are fuzzy, they've elected to give them medical equipment to cure the illness caused by Starfleet and leave the planet and allow them to develop on their own. Inspired by what the Enderprizians were capable of without a ship, he is confident they can find a way to save Starfleet, even if it means they give up their ship as well.

Rok-Tahk returns to the Protostar to care for Murf who has been sick and won't eat. Unable to determine what is wrong with him, Rok is shocked to find Murf has entered a chrysalis on the wall of their quarters.

Log entries[]

Memorable quotes[]

"Stupid futuristic weaponry."

- Jankom Pog, venting his frustration over the living construct

"Z, have you even synthesized an antidote?"
"No, but I've skimmed the manual."
"Great, my survival's riding on chasing down a curse, and my doctor's making it up on the fly."
"I sense you are afraid, but I am doing everything in my power. Lashing out will not improve your situation. Try to relax."

- Dal and Zero

"We know we're not Star-Flight, but you don't need a ship to believe in what it stands for. What about you? Do you believe, Dal R'El?"

- Doctor Boons to Dal

"I've learned never to fear the truth."

- Gwyn

"This is Ensign Garrovick of the USS Enterprise. This'll be my final call to Starfleet... [...] Hoping you'll come, though I've long given up that anyone'll hear it. Hope's a funny thing, isn't it? I tried to do my duty, salvaged what I could from the wreck, went to save the locals from the danger. Before I fell to my injuries. But then, they welcomed me, healed me, gave me hope when I had none. In the end, they were the ones who saved me."

- Ensign David Garrovick, in his final distress call

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2260s; 23rd century; actor; Andorian; angiodemic immune response; antidote; augment; autopilot; Bearer of Crimson; biosignatures; breathing; brethren; Brikar; button; Call of En Son, The (aka "The Call"); captain (rank); captain (title); captain's log; chain reaction; Class F shuttlecraft; cocoon; combadge; comm relay; communicator; computer; Constitution-class; cough; CR-721; curse; Dauntless, USS; Dauntless-class; death; dilithium crystal; distortion radius; distress signal; daughter; dress-up; dum-dums; duotronic; Enderprizian; engineer; Enterprise, USS; escape pod; "everything in my power"; evil; EV suit; facility; Federation (aka "Fed'ration"); fire; first contact; forefathers; Frex, Barniss; funeral; Galileo (aka "The Gallows"); Garrovick, David ; generation; helm; hero; holo-console; hybrid; impulse power (aka "pulse power"); itching; Kirk, James T.; knowledge; Ktarian game; landing party; LCARS; lieutenant; living construct; "Logs, The"; loser; M class; make believe; manhunt; "many moons ago"; medical supplies; Medusan; Mellanoid slime worm; memory loss; miracle worker; mission; New Enda-Prize; "on the fly"; operations division; phaser; Planet 0042692 sector; plasma; playing; poison; post-neural shock; Prime Directive; prophecy; Protostar, USS; Protostar-class; record; rescue mission; retro; sample; scientific explanation; "Scott'Ee"; second contact; secretions; shields; sickness; side effect; "sir"; skin; Son, En; "Sprok"; stage; "Star-Flight Command"; stardate; Starfleet (aka "Star-Flight"); Starfleet uniform (2250s-early 2270s); Starfleet uniform (early 2380s); Starfleet uniform, fictional; "stat"; subspace distortion field; subspatial interference; Sulu, Hikaru; Tellarite; tickle in the throat; tin can; toxic runoff; transporter; tree; tricorder; Trill; type 2 phaser; "under the weather"; Vau N'Akat; village; Vulcan salute; warning; warp engine; warp signature; warrior; wood leech; "Z"

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active tracking; code analysis; data; info; Planet 0042692 (moons); scan; short range sensor

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