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Allan Asherman (born 21 April 1947; age 73) is an author and researcher of several genre-related projects. His Star Trek-related projects include The Star Trek Compendium, The Star Trek Interview Book and The Making of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.

He has also authored dozens of magazine and newspaper articles on films and television. An authority on the classic TV series The Adventures of Superman, he has worked in several capacities at DC Comics, was a film booker for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and taught homebound students in the New York City school system.

His other interests include studying music written for TV and movies; researching his favorite TV series (including The Lone Ranger, The Untouchables, Science Fiction Theatre, Rocky Jones, Space Ranger and Men into Space), and uncovering new information on his favorite films (including The Day the Earth Stood Still, Things to Come, This Island Earth', Jason and the Argonauts, the 1959 version of Ben Hur, and various sound serials). He provided the supplementary material for the Criterion Collection's special Forbidden Planet laser disc (and subsequent DVD), and the Topps Official Collectors' Magazine for Batman Returns. Allan and his wife, Arlene Lo (the proofreader at DC Comics), live on Long Island, NY.

The above text was modified from the ABOUT THE AUTHOR write-up of Asherman in the Fourth Edition of The Star Trek Compendium.

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