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This page contains information regarding Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, and thus may contain spoilers.

Minister Alora was a 23rd century female Majalan.

Alora met then-Lieutenant Christopher Pike in 2249 and had struck up a relationship with him, after he risked his life to rescue her shuttle from a pulsar. He joked later that he wondered at times about "that Majalan girl who couldn't fly a shuttle", to which she defended herself by saying she could fly one, but flew it in the wrong place.

Ten years later, she reunited with now-Captain Pike, commanding the USS Enterprise, while rescuing her shuttle from an attacking vessel. The shuttle carried a young boy designated to be the First Servant of Majalis, and the boy's biological father, Elder Gamal. Pike was momentarily stunned to see her again, but agreed to assist her in delivering the First Servant safely to his Ascension ceremony on Majalis, and investigating the crashed ship that had attempted to kidnap the boy. During that investigation, she discovered an oath coin, given to the Linnarean Guard as Majalis' highest military honor; the coin had been defaced, an act forbidden under Majalan law.

Upon returning to Majalis, a floating city above a planet of lava rivers and acid lakes, Alora had a schedule that included an opening speech, tree planting, and the Festival of Gratitude. She was attacked by Kier, one of the guards, who wanted to stop the Ascension. Pike and Alora briefly rekindled their relationship afterwards; after Pike revealed what he'd learned of his future, Alora offered to allow him to stay with her on Majalis.

Pike and the Enterprise crew soon discovered that the "alien" attackers were actually Majalans from the nearby colony of Prospect VII, who had tried to aid Gamal in preventing the First Servant's Ascension. Attending the ceremony at the invitation of both Alora and the First Servant himself, Pike asked Alora pointed questions about why Majalis' survival depended on one child, why Gamal had tried to kidnap his own son, and why they had not told him the truth about the colony on Prospect VII. Alora gave evasive answers if she answered at all.

Pike soon discovered that the Ascension ceremony involved connecting the First Servant directly to Majalis' power systems to keep the city afloat, and attempted to stop it when he was knocked unconscious by one of the guards. When he regained consciousness in Alora's residence, she tried to explain that this was how their civilization had been founded centuries before, and she had in fact been researching an alternative when they had met in 2249. Pike was disgusted at the idea of a civilization being built on the suffering of a child, and brusquely requested to be beamed back to his ship, leaving a tearful Alora behind. (SNW: "Lift Us Where Suffering Cannot Reach")

Alora was portrayed by Lindy Booth.