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[[Image:Amarie.jpg|thumb|[[Amarie]], a female of her species.]]
|image = Amarie.jpg
'''Amarie's species''' are a [[humanoid]] species, known for having four-arms, that is from the [[Alpha Quadrant|Alpha]] or [[Beta Quadrant]].
|caption = Amarie
|image2 = Amarie consuming suck salt.jpg
|caption2 = Amarie enjoying her suck salt
|gender = [[Female]]
|species = Unknown
|occupation = [[Musician]]
|status = Active
|datestatus = 2368
|mstatus = [[Divorce]]d
|spouse = An [[Amarie's ex-husband 001|ex-husband]] (deceased 2368)
|actor = [[Harriet Leider]]<br />[[Judi M. Durand]] (voice)
'''Amarie''' was a [[female]] [[musician]] in the [[24th century]] who played in a [[bar]] on [[Qualor II]]. She was from an unknown race of aliens, and she appeared to be ideally suited to playing the [[piano]]: she had two pairs of [[hand]]s. She enjoyed [[suck salt]], though she considered it a nasty [[habit]]. She was [[marriage|married]] for a time to an [[Amarie's ex-husband 001|arms smuggler]].
One member of this species, [[Amarie]], was employed as a [[musician]] at a bar on [[Qualor II]] in [[2368]]. ([[TNG]]: "[[Unification II]]")
:''Amarie's species may be the same species as the unseen [[Terellian]]s, who are also known to have four arms.''
In [[2368]], the {{USS|Enterprise|NCC-1701-D|-D}} encountered and killed Amarie's ex-husband in [[Smuggler's combat vessel|his warship]] when it did not respond and attacked it. To gain more information about him, the ship visited Qualor II in order to talk to Amarie. She offered to play [[Andorian blues]] for [[Commander]] [[William T. Riker]]. Instead of paying her [[money]] for information, Riker taught her some [[jazz]] routines on the piano. She also played a selection from the [[Klingon opera]] ''[[Aktuh and Maylota]]'' for [[Worf]]. Riker asked her about the ex-husband and she directed him to [[Omag]], a [[Ferengi]] [[arms dealer|arms trader]], who she said always wanted to hear the same song, "[[Melor Famagal]]". ({{TNG|Unification II}})
{{bginfo|Amarie was played by actress [[Harriet Leider]]. [[Cindy White]] worked as [[photo double]] for her during the close ups of her hands and pianist [[Jerry Zimmer]] performed the piano music and the second pair of hands seen in the episode. The producers were not pleased with Leider's voice and voice actress [[Judi M. Durand]] re-recorded her dialogue during post production. (''[[Talk: Harriet Leider|See discussion]]'')|Her species may be the same race as the unseen [[Terellian]]s, who were also known to have four arms.|In [[Jeri Taylor]]'s novelization of "Unification," she gives the name of Amarie's [[homeworld]] as "Talemstra".}}
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