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[[Image:Amarie.jpg|right|thumb|Amarie]]'''Amarie''' was a [[music]]ian in a bar on [[Qualor II]] when the [[USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D)|''Enterprise''-D]] visited the [[planet]] in [[2368]].
[[Image:Amarie.jpg|thumb|[[Amarie]], a female of her species.]]
'''Amarie's species''' are a [[humanoid]] species, known for having four-arms, that is from the [[Alpha Quadrant|Alpha]] or [[Beta Quadrant]].
She was from an [[Unnamed humanoids|unknown race of aliens]], and she appeared to be ideally suited to playing the [[piano]]: she had 2 pairs of hands. She enjoyed [[suck salt]], though she considered it a nasty habit.
One member of this species, [[Amarie]], was employed as a [[musician]] at a bar on [[Qualor II]] in [[2368]]. ([[TNG]]: "[[Unification II]]")
She offered to play [[Andorian blues]] for [[Commander]] [[William T. Riker]]. The commander, in turn, taught her some [[jazz]] routines on the piano. ([[TNG]]: "[[Unification II]]")
:''Amarie was played by actress [[Harriet Leider]].''

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Amarie, a female of her species.

Amarie's species are a humanoid species, known for having four-arms, that is from the Alpha or Beta Quadrant.

One member of this species, Amarie, was employed as a musician at a bar on Qualor II in 2368. (TNG: "Unification II")

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