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[[Image:Amarie.jpg|thumb|Amarie]]'''Amarie''' was a [[music]]ian who played in a bar on [[Qualor II]] when the {{USS|Enterprise|NCC-1701-D|-D}} visited the [[planet]] in [[2368]].
[[Category:Unnamed species]]
She was from an [[Amarie's species|unknown race of aliens]], and she appeared to be ideally suited to playing the [[piano]]: she had 2 pairs of hands. She enjoyed [[suck salt]], though she considered it a nasty habit. She offered to play [[Andorian blues]] for [[Commander]] [[William T. Riker]]. Instead of paying her money for information, Riker taught her some [[jazz]] routines on the piano. She also played a selection from the [[Klingon]] opera ''[[Aktuh and Maylota]]'' for [[Worf]].
Amarie's husband, an arms smuggler, was killed when his warship encountered the Enterprise-D in 2368. Riker contacted her when he was investigating the incident and the theft of surplus Vulcan ships and materials. She directed him to [[Omag]], a [[Ferengi]] arms trader, whom she said always wanted to hear the same song, "[[Melor Famagal]]". ({{TNG|Unification II}})
:''Amarie was played by actress [[Harriet Leider]].''

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